QVision-Tech Srl: artificial vision systems

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QVision-Tech Srl comes from the desire to create a company highly specialized and focused in the research and development of systems for the automation of quality control of industrial production .

The main field of activity of the company is the design and production of artificial vision systems for quality control in the packaging industry, especially for the food and beverage sector, dedicated to the inspection of closures (plastic and aluminum) and of vials/bottles/preforms.

These systems, through the use of digital cameras and image processing systems, allow the automatic quality control at the end of the production line, with the ejection of defective parts, on the basis of the control tolerances set by the supervisor/operator.

With a specialized staff operating for years in the field, QVision offers:
• Experience, gained over 25 years in the field.

• Reliability, ensuring maximum availability and maximum personal commitment at all stages of cooperation, from the initial feasibility study, to the realization of the product, its installation, training to the personnel working on the machines, the after-sale and the possible update of the product over the years, also according to the changing needs of the customer.

• Attention to the specific needs of the customer, in the belief of the fundamental importance of a personal direct relationship, intended to transform the simple supplier-customer duality in a constructive and proactive cooperation, aimed at achieving a common goal.

• Willingness to growth and innovation in the search for ever higher quality standards, putting in first place the study and the development of increasingly advanced projects, using the most modern technologies in the field of images acquisition and processing.

QVision also carries on a particular imaging application, dedicated to the Cultural Heritage world, through the creation of a scanning system for infrared reflectography, Scanner IR, of particular interest for art historians, restoration centers, institutions such as museums and cultural heritage authorities.

Caps Inspector
Vision systems for 100% automatic detection, during production, of the typical defects on aluminium and plastic closures, properly orientated and moved by a handling mechanical system. Caps Inspector is a modular vision system, which can be equipped with one or more standard inspection modules.
Caps Inspector can be installed on existing production lines, or it is possible to offer «turnkey» solutions, supplying the vision system complete of a proper mechanical transportation unit.

Caps Inspector offers an objective and repeatable control, allowing to obtain an improvement of the production quality and an optimization of the production process. The inspection software is fully owned by QVision.
It is therefore possible, on request, to provide customized versions, together with dedicated hardware configurations, to meet specific customer needs.
Bottles Inspector
Vision systems for the inspections of bottles and vials, in glass and plastic material, and PET preforms, to detect the typical defects of these types of productions. “Standard” modules are available for the inspection of the opening of the bottle, of the bottom external surface of the vial and for the inspection of the external side surface of the vial.
This product line includes also a special system for the on-line inspection of bottles bundles, enclosed in heat-shrink film (QVision-HSB).

Custom solution
In addition to the standard products, QVision offers the possibility to supply “custom” systems, designed according to particular customers’ specifications, to allow performing special requests of inspection.

Thanks to the know-how acquired in years of activity in the sector of industrial applications of machine vision, the use of the latest technology and a proprietary software completely developed inside our company, we are able to analyze specific issues and offer “turnkey” solutions, innovative and reliable.


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