Stainless steel tanks, for food field


INDUSTRIE FRACCHIOLLA SPA is a worldwide leader company, skilled in designing, manufacturing and installation of stainless steel tanks, for FOOD, CHEMICAL & PHARMA fields of any size and realized also on final destination place.

Storage and Process tanks. Beer Fermenters, Crystallizers, Dissolvers, Mixing Tanks (with Stirrer) cooled and heated, of any size, for mushy, liquid and semi liquid substances, granulates and powders products.

For over 40 years, passion, internationalism, research and reliability have been the pillars on which the company builds his success.


INDUSTRIE FRACCHIOLLA SPA is perfectly managed and can trust on a manpower consisting of 120 employees, 20,000 square meters of industrial Facility, a fleet consisting in 40 vehicles and 4 Truck cranes and a comprehensive range of technologically advanced machines. Today the company is run by the three Fracchiolla Bros and their sons, who are strongly motivated to develop their family business.

Very modern productions techniques, accuracy in details, reliability of his products, prices competitiveness, punctuality and a very skilled after sales service, are some of the factors that makes prestigious INDUSTRIE FRACCHIOLLA SPA supported by a constant growth of its exportation.


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