TECAM designs and realizes plants for Reverse osmosis and treatment of primary and waste waters of many industrial fields – between that mechanical, painting, plating, chemical and pharmaceutical, food and agro industry – of digestate and Reverse osmosis and landfill leachate.

Sensitive to respect for the environment, TECAM studies systems that in the Reverse osmosis allow to minimize the volume of wastewaters to discharge and of concentrated to dispose and to obtain, when possible, a total recovery and recycle of water – “zero discharge”.

Strongly oriented toward exportation, TECAM has installed hundreds of plants of Reverse osmosis around the world – Italy, Bulgary, Spain, France, Poland, Czech Republic, Russia, Sweden, Egypt, California, Singapore, etc.

The installation of Industrial wastewater treatment and of TECAM’s plants is preceded from an analysis of characteristics of wastewater and from an evaluation of the best and most profitable technologies of Reverse osmosis and of treatment considering the relation between investment costs and operating costs with the aim of a rapid achievement of return on investment.



Tecam was founded in the end of ‘80s in order to operate in the field of the Reverse osmosis and the treatment of primary and process wastewaters, in Italy and abroad.

The vast acquired experience in the Reverse osmosis in the field and the wide range of available technological proposals allow TECAM to solve the problems of every single company always and in the best way.

The objectives that TECAM has always pursued are essentially:

• Give solutions to specific problems;

• Supply the best technologies and the most valid products;

• Recover water, products and secondary raw materials.

Today these aims can be attained only if one posses an high level of professionalism and competence. In these last few years, in fact, the development and application of new increasingly complex technologies for the water treatment, makes it necessary for the companies that work in this sector, to leave the generic approach to problems and show a strong specialization in treatment processes definition and in the product manufacture too.

Tecam completely satisfy these requests since in its operations it avails itself of:

• An high professionalism of its own human resources in studying problems, defining treatments processes, managing projects, supply consultancy etc.

• A partnership with plant constructors, each one having a well-defined technological specialization, for product realization.

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