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Zanotti Spa is an Italian excellence that designs and manufactures systems for food refrigeration for over 50 years. Founded in 1962, the company evolved over time by improving the series of products that currently has become the most complete offer on the market. Under the name of King of Cold, Zanotti offers products that are specifically designed for food refrigeration and more to fully meet the needs of the whole cold chain. Refrigerating units from the storage of raw materials, their processing, storage and distribution in supermarkets, to dedicated shops or restaurants. Its units for refrigerated transport complete the range and ensure food handling safely.

The industrial division designs and makes installations for large-volume refrigeration needs and it has a special department that is devoted to the design and implementation of installations for ice rinks, like the Arena of Minsk, which is the biggest one in Europe.

A leader in the field, Zanotti bases its professionalism on the constant search for technological innovations to apply to the products. As for green solutions for food refrigeration, for many years Zanotti has offered units for small- and medium-capacity cells that operate on gas with a very low environmental impact (GWP=3), such as Propane R290 or Propylene R1270. Lately, the range of Natural Gas products has expanded to become the most comprehensive range available on the market.

The latest regulations in terms of eco-sustainability and energy savings are encouraging energy-efficient products. For the new R407F condensing units, Zanotti has recently obtained certification in accordance with the program developed by ASERCOM in compliance with the Ecodesign directive. Only a few companies have had their units certified. For supermarkets and large logistics centers, it offers CO2 multicompressor systems in both subcritical and transcritical cycles, providing therefore a totally green product. Still in the field of natural gas, ammonia (NH3) is used in the construction of industrial refrigeration plants for its historically recognized thermodynamic power.

For many years Zanotti has worked with Eco-design protocols that involve the total recyclability of the machines at their end-of-life.

Zanotti Spa today is an international Group, with production units located in Spain, England, Brazil, and a dense network of certified distributors that provide expertise and assistance in all over the world.

Recently Zanotti was chosen by large companies of the United Emirates for manufacturing refrigerating systems for catering in two important local airports. The contract of approximately 30 Ml Euros requires systems of the greatest reliability, first class finishes and rigorous hygienic conditions.

Other successes ensure the reliability of Zanotti’s systems, which are manufactured ​throughout the world.

Innovation, energy saving, quality and competence are the key words for the activities that Zanotti has carried out to date and the promises for the future.

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