Adelphi Packaging Machinery, many years of experience supplying filling and capping equipment


System F-600Adelphi Packaging Machinery has many years of experience supplying filling and capping equipment to the food manufacturing industry worldwide.

The fundamental requirements of the industry have always been addressed, as can be demonstrated by the notable, multinational companies to be found dotted throughout their customer list.  However, when it came to the development of their new range of fillers, Adelphi’s aim was to produce equipment that would not only meet industry requirements, but also exceed normal expectations.

After almost four years of focussed development, two patents pending, and over twelve months of customer testing, the first elements of the System F range are now on sale.  The volumetric range offers the following unique selling points:


Historically food manufacturers are forced to have multiple filling lines in order to cope with a wide variety of fill volumes.  System F does away with this inconvenience, and without modification can accurately fill containers ranging in size from 20 millilitres through to 20 litres.

Additionally, almost all liquid products can be handled on just one System F machine.  Thanks to an innovative Disk Valve design (patent pending), anything from thick butters and spreads, sauces with chunky particles, to edible oils and condiments can all be accurately and reliably filled.

System F-1800 rear viewScalability

High value capital equipment purchase decisions are often based on projected production requirements, resulting in significant cost being incurred sooner than required.  The capacity of System F is designed to be quickly, easily, and cost effectively grown to meet increasing production demands, without the need to plan ahead too far.

F-600 can start life as a single head semi-automatic machine, with up to three additional heads being added at any time.  The addition of a conveyor and extra guarding can then fully automate this machine.  The automated F-600 can then be stretched to become a fully automatic F-1200 supporting up to eight filling heads.

Beyond this point, all wetted components can be directly transferred to an F-1800 frame, designed to accommodate up to sixteen filling heads.  Finally, for the ultimate in production output, a second conveyor can be added to F-1800 in order to regain time that is ordinarily lost to container gating.

No longer are you required to gamble on future requirements, you can simply upgrade as and when required, without the need to prematurely write off ‘old’ equipment.

System F-1800Hygiene

Use of the correct materials for product contact parts is a fundamental that is to be expected of any filling machine manufacturer, however System F goes much further to help you ensure only the highest standards of production hygiene.

The distinctive angled design not only helps System F to stand out from the crowd as a modern filling machine to be admired by your customers, but also minimises any risk of unhygienic pooling of liquids in or around the filling zone.

Twin sliding doors with no fixed columns ensure that the entire filling zone is easily accessible for cleaning, and the floor area under the machine is clearly visible and offers convenient access.

All wetted parts (tank or manifold right through to the nozzle tips) can be quickly removed from the machine without the need to break the product lines, ensuring that no product is spilled in the production environment.  Wetted parts can then be easily stripped to component level in a dedicated wash room, where they can undergo specific and exacting cleaning routines.  In instances where cross contamination of product is not acceptable, dedicated sets of wetted parts can be allocated to particularly sensitive product lines.

All wetted parts can have unique identity markings, and the HMI prompts the operator to confirm the correct set has been fitted.  This helps to ensure that production traceability records can be accurately maintained for FDA compliance.


System F offers food manufacturers the opportunity to almost eliminate costly production downtime.

All wetted components are designed to be quickly and easily stripped from the machine, with a new set fitted in no more than 90 seconds per filling head.  A typical eight head filler can comfortably achieve a product changeover in under twelve minutes, with the container changeover routine also taking place during this time.

Not only does this increase the efficiency of your workforce, it also enables shorter production runs to be completed on a fully automatic filler, without the usual penalty of time lost to machine setup.

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Adelphi will have their System F range on show at Interpack on stand 17 B18.  For more information or to get in contact visit or call +44 (0) 1444 472 300.




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