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In the moment you need to pack food products, the value of choosing the right partner is essential. Knowing how to select and handle the right paper does not only protect the item inside.

This also acts as a visual representation of the brand and can have a strong impact on sales. That’s the reason why Anico, being expert in flexographic printing on paper, has set itself the task of providing the best possible paper packaging for food products. Anico has been a leader in the food packaging industry for over 33 years.

We are aware that paper is a precious resource and a special material that requires care and expertise in order to be used in an efficient way.

We’ve strongly invested in the latest technologies and techniques to produce the highest quality paper based packaging for our customers.

Anico’s uniqueness is its commitment towards sustainability. We are environmentally friendly, using only the highest quality raw materials that are not only the best decision for environment, but also for the food itself which is packed inside.

Choosing the proper partner to pack your food is important to consider the level of expertise and effort towards sustainability.

Anico has both qualities which make us the perfect choice for any food manufacturer that wants to improve its brand and increase sales.

By standing with Anico, you can be certain that your products are going to be properly kept and shown within the best possible light ever.

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