ANUGA FOODTEC 2024: shaping the future of responsible Food & Beverage industry


Anuga FoodTec stands as a vital supplier platform within the global food and beverage industry. This trade fair offers a one-stop solution for the Food & Beverage sector, encompassing production, processing, packaging, food safety, automation, digitalization, and intralogistics.

In the upcoming year – March 19th to March 22nd, 2024, Anuga FoodTec anticipate the participation of approximately 1,350 exhibitors in Cologne, with more than 60% representing international markets. 9 of the 10-world leading F&B producers like Nestlé, Unilever, Coca-Cola, Heineken, Danone or JBS are regularly visiting Anuga FoodTec.

Guiding Theme “Responsibility”

The food and beverage industry bears a substantial responsibility, accounting for a significant share of global energy and freshwater consumption, while also witnessing a considerable amount of produced food going to waste.

Given the millions employed in the sector, it plays a pivotal role in the global economy. However, despite this substantial industrial presence, 800 million people still face daily hunger. Equally concerning is that roughly the same number of people deal with issues of overweight or obesity.

This underscores the immediate need for comprehensive solutions addressing food availability, accessibility, quality reformulation of recipes and nutrition education.

“The food and beverage industries are system-relevant in many respects”, says Matthias Schlüter, Director of Anuga FoodTec. “They are thereby dependent upon the power of innovation of the suppliers, and themselves repeatedly call for solutions and new ideas for adapting their products and processes to present requirements.

The supplier industry also sets the highest goals for itself in order to meet its responsibility”, Schlüter continues. “Anuga FoodTec will demonstrate this, discuss it and develop it further together with all participants.”

Addressing these challenges requires collecitve action, but collective action can make a substantial difference for our planet. That’s why “Responsibility” is the guiding theme for Anuga FoodTec 2024. The exhibitors will show how they can use innovative technologies to support the food and beverage industry on its way to an innovative nutrition system.

Future of Food Production

At Anuga FoodTec, visitors can explore the future of food production, its trajectory, and its implications for the F&B industry. Key themes such as energy efficiency, reliable supply chains, Industry 4.0, sustainable packaging, and alternative proteins, including cultured foods, take center stage in diverse event formats.

Anuga FoodTec serves as a catalyst for the global F&B industry, functioning as a central sourcing platform. Whether you are an established company or an emerging startup, everything needed for the production, processing, and packaging of food and beverages can be found here. There is a wide range of production, filling, and packaging equipment, along with an impressive selection of analytical devices and packaging materials.

In contrast to other FoodTec exhibitions, all F&B sectors are covered, from cost-effective solutions to highend technologies.

This trade fair not only serves as a showcase for the latest technologies but also as a platform for talent recruitment and exchange. Students visit the Careers Day on the last day of the fair to learn about the exhibiting companies – 30% of visitors are seeking new career opportunities. Unique opportunities arise for companies and potential employees to connect and collaborate in shaping the industry’s future.

With the global food and beverage industry facing unprecedented challenges, Anuga FoodTec 2024 offers an exclusive opportunity to be part of the solution.

Mark your calendars – March 19th to March 22nd, 2024 – and be at the forefront of the future of food at Anuga FoodTec.

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