Are you looking for precision in your recipes? Look for UNICA.


The UNICA automatic dosing machine designed and produced by Lawer S.p.A of Biella has been present on the ice cream and artisanal world for about 5 years. UNICA carries out all the weighing of the ingredients necessary for the recipes with extreme precision and in a completely automatic way. Artisans dose the ingredients manually, Unica automates this process with advantages on the quality but above all the repeatability of the recipes, with total confidentiality of its production know-how.

Unica is a valid partner for all those ice cream makers and artisans who wish to organize their production in an innovative way with a careful eye on the quality of the product and on the enhancement of the most authentic tradition.

With Unica you can improve the authenticity of productions and enjoy the advantages of automated technology:

• Unica manages and doses the most important part of the recipes, automatically without the need for direct presence.

• Less time in the lab, more time in the shop. Understanding what customers expect becomes an increasingly essential element for competitiveness.

• With Unica production times are optimized and laboratory personnel hours and costs are reduced.

• Thanks to Unica, employees will be able to produce ice cream without knowing the recipes. In this way it allows you to protect the great value of your production know-how.

• By accessing a reserved area, only the owner or whoever can verify and monitor the daily, monthly production, etc.

These data will be for the exclusive use of the owner or his delegate.

• Unica automatically repeats the dosage and weighing phases of the ingredients of the recipes endlessly and without errors. Fewer errors mean less costs and higher quality on the finished product.

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