Automatic packaging line for spreadable creams


We have realized for major Italian and foreign brands, complete lines for the packaging of spreadable creams.

As you may see in the video posted here, very often our systems include a blowing machine that dispenses ionized air which cleans up the jars.

Nozzles and all other parts in contact with the product are made in AISI 316; all the seals used are appropriate for food products and are easily washable. All systems are equipped with photocells that detect the different productive processes to ensure the high standard quality on all products.

The control of the machines is done by PLC; the touch screen system is easy and intuitive.

The hopper is constructed with a double wall that maintains the ideal temperature to preserve the typical features of the spreadable creams such as: hazelnut, pistachio or almond spread.

Our systems have a glue roller with a speed controller which is used to spread a glue layer on the edge of the jar to fix the security seal (pre-inserted disk into the cap).

The packaging system ends with a labelling line which applies wraparound labels on the jars. If requested, thanks to a print & apply system, it is possible to print bar code, as well as production line batch and the expiration date.

The complete turnkey lines have been studied on the layout of the buildings and they are all provided with safety protections following the CE laws.



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