B2A: solutions, products and services to help and speed up the work of customers


B2A is a company specializing in providing solutions, products and services to optimise the productivity of companies. B2A’s goals are to improve production efficiency and in-crease earnings. 

B2A implements advanced Manufacturing Execution System (MES) and Warehouse Management System (WMS) technologies, suitable for all types of industries. B2A’s teams of experts are always on the lookout for new technological solutions to im-prove companies’ efficiency and productivity: offering a top-quality service that includes customer support at every stage of the process, from design to after-sales service. 

“B-Trace” The management system that plans industrial production 

B-Trace is a software for managing production, product labelling, machine configuration, productivity analysis, warehouse management and goods traceability. B-Trace integrates all plant equipment into a single system with unlimited scalability. It’s web-oriented right from the start: it allows operators in the plant to access the data of interest from any PC, Smartphone or Tablet. 

The use of Microsoft software, such as WindowsServer™ and Sql-Server™, increases the robustness of the system and facilitates data exchange with other software, via standard protocols such as shared tables, Web Services or Json interfaces. B-Trace allows the customer to manage production processes while maximizing profits and eliminating waste. 

“BinOculus” The new RTLS system for warehouse supervision. 

BinOculus is a warehouse supervision system that leverages RFID technology and artificial intelligence to optimize the handling and management of goods. The use of RFID techno-logy allows for the real-time identification of the goods location within the warehouse, reducing the time spent on control and searching by operators.

The system is capable of sending missions to forklift operators and coordinating the entire team to optimize workload and travel distances. Additionally, BinOculus utilizes LIDAR technology to detect the positions of forklifts and materials, providing a 3D augmented reality (AR) interface. 

Robotics, mechanics and products. 

B2A is the System Integration of Omron and Zebra: from us you can find all their list at fa-vourable prices. B2A develops and designs mechanical products, such as shuttles, robotic islands and catenaries. B2A develops and designs collaborative robots, anthropomorphic robots, industrial robots and self-driving robots (you can also choose Omron robots).

B2A acts as a reseller for whatever you need! B2A offers a wide range of innovative solutions to improve the operational efficiency and productivity of companies, accompanying its customers at every stage of the process and guaranteeing the higher quality of service. 


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