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The firm ITALPAN was established in 1988 and its activity spread into the sector of artisan bakery machinery. The firm’s headquarter is in Schio, in the province of Vicenza.

The firm soon specialized in the production of: Flour sieves, Bread-sticks making machines, Moulding machines, Baguette moulding machines, Taralli warmers, Sheeters. These machinery stand out thanks to their simplicity combined with high reliability and quality.

The firm can supply small artisans to medium industry with machines suitable for already working plants; in fact, Italpan counts among its clients the most important producers of machinery and ovens present on both the domestic and international markets.

In the domestic market the brand is highly regarded, not only for the reliability of its production, but especially for the seriousness of its commercial approach focused on customer satisfaction as a primary goal.

Mr. Luca Rizzato takes personally care of domestic market, in collaboration of specialized agents team working professionally since several years in these particular sectors.

The foreign market is developed both electronically and through foreign agents looking for customers that suits the characteristics of Italpan production. The company’s strategy aims to consolidate and strengthen its image both in Europe and in other continents. Italpan’s point of strength is represented by its sieves for flour and bread-sticks machines; the latter range from bench, baguette moulding machines and home bread-sticks machines up to automatic machines with capacity of 60/70 kg/hour.

In addition to this, these machines can be also used to produce Taralli, which is a production typical of the South of Italy, where Italpan is very well-known and appreciated.

As Italpan’s tradition says, great attention has been paid to safety and to the respect of all norms referring to EC certification. The production Italpan combines aesthetic and functional skills in order to provide the end user an excellent and effective working tool.


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