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Complete bottling line supply: the excellence of used machinery, to go sustainable

From competitor analysis to the understanding of the latest trends in terms of packaging, through the identification of the best solutions on the market, to the layout study and machines installation on-site: BBM is the only company that takes care of all these aspects, for a real turnkey service from start to finish.

Much more: BBM sustains the entire decommissioning of the old line, from the disposal of equipment to the take-over of used machinery, in order to completely overhaul and put the machines back on market with top performances.

In the exclusive 10,000 square meter showroom in Lenna (BG), BBM offers a careful selection of used machinery, including blow molding machines, filling machines, labeling machines, packaging machines, and palletizers.

Second-hand business: the precise service and upgrade carried out on used machines make BBM perfect solution to revamp your line with reduced investment and at a quality equal or superior to the new.

A huge selection of spare parts to solve current spare part procurement problems

BBM is the best option for the supply of mechanical and electronic spare parts compatible with the major OEMs. All spare parts are tested in a certified laboratory; BBM has always invested in research and development to provide the highest quality of free pass material at prices 10-20% lower than market average. The extensive entourage of foreign agents facilitates spare parts supply in EU and EXTRAEU territories.

24/7 technical support and service

Based on the expertise gained in over 20 years of experience and with a team of over 50 qualified technicians, BBM offers a complete range of services to support the customer throughout the entire life cycle of machines, operating on different models of machinery from the main international manufacturers.

BBM is a leading player in the maintenance, dismantling, installation, start-up, and conservative relocation of the bottling lines of the main international food & beverage companies.

Dismantling n.3 Sanpellegrino glass lines in record time: BBM Service’s latest challenge

Sanpellegrino S.p.A., a Nestlè Group benchmark in the mineral water and non-alcoholic beverage sector, is carrying out works at its Ruspino plant in San Pellegrino Terme (BG) for the construction of a Flagship Factory, designed to contribute to the economic, environmental and social enhancement of the Valle Brembana area, where the famous S.Pellegrino water springs.

BBM Service was a part of the renovation works, aimed at making the factory “iconic for the brand, open and transparent”. The preference for BBM Service confirms the important history of collaboration between the two companies, which have been cooperating for more than ten years on maintenance and upgrades of machinery.

Now, Sanpellegrino needed to dismantle three glass lines extending over an area of 6,700 square meters and with a nominal capacity of 50,000 bottles/hour each, for a total of over 100 pieces of equipment. Following several months of planning, the actual dismantling work began on 22 November 2021 and was completed on 29 December, involving some 50 BBM technicians working simultaneously.

Part of the disassembled bottling machinery was transferred to the BBM showroom in Lenna for an overhaul of the same, aimed at re-introducing the machines on the market with state-ofthe-art performances.

“For this extraordinary dismantling operation, BBM Service was considered one of the main players in the procurement process right from the start,” reveals Omar Galizzi, Activities Manager for Sanpellegrino’s Bergamo plant.

“One of BBM’s main strengths is the total management of the decommissioning and disposal operations, but not only; the collaboration and team spirit established between our companies are what made the Sanpellegrino dismantling one of the best references of our Group.”

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