Bertoli – brand of Interpump Group spa

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Bertoli is a company with 100% participation of INTERPUMP GROUP S.p.A, is operating on international base in food industry, pharmaceutical and biotechnology machine sector since 1974. In particular the company has focused it’s business in designing, planning and constructing homogenizers and high pressure piston pumps for food industry.

INTERPUMP GROUP S.p.A is developing its presence in application markets through a combination of exponential organic growth and company acquisitions including recently the brands Inoxpa, Mariotti & Pecini, Ricci Engineering and Fluinox.

INTERPUMP GROUP S.p.A stands for reliability, innovation and quality also thanks to it’s network of agents and collaborators that brought the company’s turnover up to Euro 1,279 millions in 2018.

Bertoli Homogenizers for UHT Vegetable Milks (Soy, Rise, Almond and Oats Milk)
High pressure homogenization treatment is used in the processing of vegetable milks to improves taste, colour and smoothness and to ensure the quality of the product for the entire shelf life avoiding separation of water /oi phase and sedimentation of insoluble parts. For clarified vegetable milks is used homogenisation treatment at 25 MPa with double stage homogenizing valve ensure quality of product for the entire shelf life. For whole say milk is used homogenization treatment at 400 bar double stage. According to different technologies of UHT treatment the homogenizer is placed downstream of the heat treatment in case of direct UHT system and upstream of the heat treatment in case of indirect UHT system.

Bertoli homogenizers are used on UHT vegetable milks homogenization treatment in Europe and Asia since 1990. The consolidated experience on this application give to Bertoli the opportunity to developed homogenizer with dedicated configuration for vegetable milk application to ensure optimum quality result of the product and to reduce cost of ownership of the equipment. Vegetable milks are abrasive compare to dairy milks effecting on the total cost of ownership of the homogenizer, dedicated design of wearing parts keep low the total cost of ownership of Bertoli homogenizers

The Bertoli homogenizer is used also in extraction of soy milk in order to increase the extraction yield by reduction of particle size and by narrow distribution of particle size.
The traditional method of soy milk preparation leads to wastage a consistent soybean solids in the form of okara, The high pressure homogenization reduced the okara increasing the yield of soybean protein extraction with relevant result in term of row material saving.

Bertoli Homogenizer is the best choice for your vegetable milk process solution.

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