Boss, an uncompromising Oven


Real Forni’s new rotary oven Boss combines innovation and researches with the yearly experience and tradition

For more than 50 years Real Forni has been working in the development of ovens and equipment for the baking sector supporting the professionals from all over the world in this important food sector. The new rotary oven Boss combines innovation and researches with the yearly experience and tradition of the company thus making Boss the reference model of its category.

Maximum efficiency, reduced overall dimensions and low consumption are the key features that allow the user to save energy and space, reduce the cost of maintenance and improve the result on the baked product.

A good ventilated baking for a rotary oven consists in the correct distribution of the heat and in the ability to bake the product with a gentle and abundant flow of air: this is the only way to equal the baking of a static oven. Another ultimate point is the ability of the oven to produce a great quantity of steam in a very short time and to regenerate it for the following baking.

Thanks to the steamer positioned in the middle of the air flow, the oven Boss guarantees quickness and power to obtain crumbly products with a crisp crust.

In the planning stage we have worked hard on the consumption and the results are real, indeed the oven Boss 60.80 heats up very quickly and it needs only 50.000installed kcal/h! This is possible thanks to a system of baking endowed with two powerful fans and an heat exchanger with triple turn of fumes and to a system of insulation consisting in three layers of rock wool compressed panels.

As for the consumption, this system is extremely virtuous and with the addition of reduced overall dimensions it is possible to position the oven side by side on its three sides. These features give you the possibility to save a huge quantity of space inside your place in comparison to any other oven in commerce.

The range starts from the smallest 50.70 which is able to contain a trolley of 40×60, 40×80, 50×70 or 18”x26”of 16/18 trays, its reduced dimensions allow the transportation of the oven completely assembled. For trays 60×80 we can offer the classic Boss 60.80 with 18/20 trays or the “reduced” Boss with 16/18 trays (Boss 60.80 R) which is perfect for places not so high.

The range includes also the 60.100 for trolleys 60×90, 60×100 and 80×80 and the largest Boss 80.100. All models are available with gas or gas-oil burner or electric power supply.

The ovens are provided with a lower platform for the rotative trolley in order to have an easy entry of the trolley, a motorized flue valve and stainless steel side panels. You can choose, as an optional feature, the fume exhaust from the rear wall of the oven or an advanced LCD display programmer.

There is also the brand new innovative and spectacular “Panorama” version which has a glass on the back side that enable the direct view of the baking process inside the oven, which is realized with a double inside glass with a very high insulation and with an external curved and openable glass for maximum safety, cleaning and beauty.

This oven is perfect to separate the laboratory from the sale zone and it can be a great attraction both in shopping centers and in small bakeries because it guarantees a privileged view on the baking process, keeping a clear division between laboratory and commercial zone.

A LCD display inserted on the top, exposed to the public, is also available. This LCD display shows the state and the type of product which is baking (Baguette – ready in 11 minutes) with photos in high resolution.

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