Bottle handling, cleaning and sterilization, filling and packaging plants


PROMEC founded in 1992 thanks to the initiative of specialized technicians, during the years developed innovative solutions, becoming a leader in the bottle handling, cleaning and sterilization sector.

Throughout the years, Promec has continuously invested in new technologies, with the goal of creating the ideal operating conditions to meet market requirements, both in the present and in the future. Innovative products and prompt customer service have, moreover, enabled “PROMEC” trademark to have a considerable and positive worldwide impact. For a number of years, motivated by a desire to enter in an increasingly competitive international market, Promec also produces, with his Blowtec brand, multi-cavity linear blow moulding machines (from 1 to 10 cavities) used to produce PET containers from 60 ml up to 30 liters.

A series of machines characterized by simplicity of use, versatility and compactness.
Just recently, Promec has also acquired Melegari Technology, a steady and historic Italian brand, specialized in the design and manufacturing of fillers and bottling lines for beverages and liquid food products, very well known worldwide for the quality of its machines, which are a guarantee of reliability, efficiency and flexibility.

Present on the international market for more than 50 years, Melegari Technology is established in the sector of industrial bottling with filling systems from 2.500 up to 60.000 bottles / hour .

The main purpose of these strategic actions is the progressive diversification of Promec’s technological offer, with the aim to propose increasingly innovative solutions for the filling and packaging of containers for beverages in various industrial sectors like water, soft drinks, juices, alcoholic drinks, ESL milk and more.

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