CESARIN: Ingredients of success

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For products of new generation

The Company was established in 1920 and has always operated in the agro-food industry. The special attention placed on innovation by qualified staff aimed at Research and Development has permitted the Company to cope with a rapidly evolving market that is ever more demanding as far as productivity standards are concerned and, moreover, to consolidate strong long term co-operative relationships with the main industries of the sector, on both domestic and foreign markets. That philosophy has enabled the Company to anticipate the market, broadening their own productive horizon, putting the transformation of fruit to that of vegetables side by side. The new range of vegetables was created by exploiting the know-how matured during ten years of industrial activity.

The importance given to communication, their constant presence at the main international fairs and productive flexibility has taken Cesarin S.p.A. to the pinnacle of the industry, strengthening their presence on the internal and foreign market. During the course of these years, the Company has skilfully achieved the requirements of reliability demanded to meet the highest standards of the food industry, thereby becoming the ideal partner for the major players in the food market.

In order to compete in an increasingly demanding market in terms of quality, Cesarin Spa has made innovation and research its forte. A gamble that began in the mid-nineties, the Company has been able to succeed by being ahead of its time in believing in the importance of having its internal team entirely dedicated to R & D.

The strength of the company lies in its ability to synthesise high-quality craftsmanship with the needs of industrial standardisation, now essential even in a sector such as the constantly evolving food sector.

Thanks to the success achieved in fruit market, Cesarin Spa in 2003 is developing a new range of Stabilised Vegetables (GreenLine). Within a few years, the Stabilised Vegetables line has earned an important place, earning the position as market leader.

The arduous objective that the company had set itself with the project for stabilised Vegetables, was to obtain an ingredient that would solve the problems deriving from the high quantity of free water present in frozen vegetables, and at the same make an easy product to be used and store as dehydrated, all without affecting the organoleptic characteristics of the fresh vegetables.

The result was achieved with success, thanks to an exclusive process developed by Cesarin and the careful selection of ingredients, which must be picked when ripe, cleaned and calibrated.

The Company has made two Stabilised Vegetables lines:

LG Vegetables (Low grade), residual humidity 60/75%, IQF, Storage –18°/-25°

HG Vegetables (High grade), residual humidity 10/20%, room temperature storage.


LG Vegetables: excellent organoleptic and decorative aspect, low water release, resistance to mechanical stress.

HG Vegetables: low humidity, low water activity (≤ 0.6), easy conservation, excellent organoleptic performance, high resistance to mechanical stress and elevated heat treatments.


LG Vegetables: preparations in vending machines such as sandwiches, dips and sauces, culinary preparations from counter with fresh meat and fish, salads and mix of fresh bench cereals, cakes and pizzas in vending machines and frozen foods.

Hg Vegetables: special breads, focaccia, stuffed pastas, savoury muesli, granola bars, preparations made with tuna, chicken and meat in general.

The range, designed primarily by market input, comprises cherry tomatoes, tomatoes, peppers, aubergines and courgettes, green and black olives and carrots: all items are available in cubes and calibrated pieces and shortly, within the Hg Vegetables lines, granules of small calibre suitable for use in infusion.


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