C&G, plants for the treatment of industrial wastewater


C&G Depurazione Industriale Srl in an Italian company which has been designing and manufacturing plants for the treatment of industrial wastewater around the world for over 40 years, with the aim of providing clients with a complete, personalized service which fully respects the environment around us.

The company has a team of engineers and highly specialized personnel that follows each client from the design to the construction and installation of the machine, including assistance and post-sales maintenance.

C&G supplies machinery and support technologies to a wide variety of production sectors with one common objective: to treat and improve the quality of a particular liquid.

The main sectors where our products are applied include galvanic industries, where it is possible to recover Chrome VI, Nickel, Brass, Copper and precious metals, while treating the wastewater produced by these industries. Other fields of application include graphic arts, mechanical, chemical and petrochemical industries, pharmaceutical, cosmetic and food industries.

C&G is a pioneer in vacuum evaporation technology, and offers a wide range of evaporator models all of which are characterized by low electrical consumption, the use of electricity or alternative energy sources, automatic 24 hour functioning, compact, robust design, constancy and quality in the results obtained, and absence of smell or vapours.

The principal objectives of the C&G are: to reduce the disposal costs and water consumption costs of a company up to 90%, to recycle the water used in an industrial line; to recover precious metals, to eliminate any possible risk of sanctions by environmental control authorities, to modernize production and to improve the image of a company.


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