Clean energy through cogeneration

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Clean energy cogeneration

Pastificio Maffei: a 100% clean energy company thanks to the Capstone technology

Maffei, pasta producer from Barletta (Italy), a company specialized in quality Made-in-Italy fresh pasta, has just completed the path of sustainable innovation that has led it to become a 100% clean energy company and the second Italian producer of fresh pasta, not stuffed, in Italy.

With a growing production of 15.5 million kg of fresh pasta in 2016, an increase in exports of 150% and over 90 employees, Maffei has succeeded in combining the philosophy of “eating good & healthy foods”, in accordance with the most authentic artisanal traditions that have been distinctive to the family business since 1960, with a continuous innovation process. This vision has led the company in 2016, among other major investments, to equip itself with an innovative high-efficiency energy system that boasts near-zero emissions. This is the first energy system in the Italian region Puglia with Capstone oil-free gas turbine technology, a patent deriving from the US aerospace research, which allows the pasta maker to produce both the electricity and steam needed for the production plant, making it a 100% clean energy company.

“This green vision, consistent with the values ​​that have characterized our company since its foundation – said Savino Maffei, President, and Ignazio Maffei, General Manager of the company – combined with an accurate product research that has led us to strengthen the supply of organic, whole-meal and gluten-free pasta, definitely helped push our expansion on the Italian and foreign markets. In fact, according to various researches, more than 70% of consumers today prefer to buy products from sustainable companies.”

Thanks to the new plant, the company saves more than 600 tons of CO2 per year, equivalent to the CO2 absorbed by 15,000 trees per year or to removing 350 cars running on average 10,000 km in a year.

The application was developed by IBT Group, the exclusive partner of Capstone for Italy, and consists of a 600 kWe oil-free gas turbine that, through cogeneration, produces electricity. In addition to this, thanks to the use of post-combustion technology, the turbine fumes are convoyed into a steam generator that produces the saturated steam necessary for the production lines, thus maximizing thermal recovery. With no lubricating oil inside the system (oil-free patented), the turbine generates fumes so clean and rich in oxygen that can be used, in fact, as combustion vector. The result is a high overall efficiency of the plant, over 85%, and consistent savings in money as well as in harmful emissions.

The green project will be the subject of an educational campaign promoted by Maffei which include the dissemination of a video ( as well as the organization of “open factory” events in order to explain what it means to be a sustainable company today and the benefits that can be obtained for the community and the territory.

The latest oil-free gas turbine solutions for energy efficiency will be presented at Anuga FoodTec 2018, the world’s largest food technology trade fair, that will be held in Cologne from 20th to 23rd  March 2018, at the IBT Capstone booth: Stand D021, Hall 10.1.


The tailor-made system has been developed and installed by IBT Group, an engineering company based in Klagenfurt (Austria) with a branch in Treviso (Italy). It consists of a 600 kWe Capstone 600S gas turbine that, through cogeneration, produces electricity. Thanks to the use of the exhaust gas into an after-combustion system with steam recovery generator, 3 tons of saturated steam per hour are also produced, thus maximizing the possible thermal recovery.

Since the system does not have lubricants inside, the turbine generates exhausts so clean and oxygen-rich that they can be used as a combustible air in a steam recovery generator for the production of saturated steam. The result is a high overall efficiency of the plant, over 85%, and consistent savings in money as well as in harmful emissions.

The system allows to adapt to the current energy needs of the Maffei plant and is totally modulable and scalable for future electric power increases.

Thermal energy produced (steam @9barG): 2000 kWth

Primary energy savings (tons of oil equivalent): 220 TEP / year

Greenhouse gas reduction: 635 tons CO2 / year

Commissioning: 2016

Engineering: IBT Group |

Duration of work: 6 months

Plant configuration: 600 kWe gas Capstone turbine, steam recovery generator with duct burner

Fuel: methane gas

Turbine Consumption C600: 189.5 Smc / h fully powered methane gas

Generated electric power: 600 kWel

Nominal saturated steam production: 3 tons / h to 9 barg with food water at 90 ° C

Duct burner consumption of natural gas: 150 Smc / h at full power for 3 tons / h of steam production

Yearly operating hours: 7,000

Turbine dimensions: 2.4 m (width), 9.10 m (length), 2.9 m (height)

Technology Advantages:

  • No lubricants
  • Variable speed rotation
  • Modulation of the load from 0% to 100%
  • Thermal or electrical priority settings
  • Small installation spaces
  • Environmental friendly
  • Low maintenance costs

Expected economic savings: approximately 250,000 euros per year

Maintenance: every 8,000 hours and extraordinary every 40,000


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