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aereagenerale12_2013_12x18COLUSSI ERMES is a worldwide leader in the design and manufacture of custom made washing systems in various food sectors, such as the bakery, confectionery, chocolate, meat and dairy, and also in logistics, pharmaceutical, hospital and automotive Industry, with the production of over 4000 plants. In production since the early ’70s, Colussi Ermes has an outstanding reputation and over 40 years of field experience, research, and knowhow, which enables it to penetrate different markets. The companys qualityoriented philosophy, and production flexibility, have enabled it produce safe and reliable solutions in line with their customersneeds.

The Colussi Ermes washing machines are fully automatic and suitable for high output applications and capable of washing thoroughly any type of products and utilities, by means of particular systems and pressure water. All models are built of stainless steel and of food safe material, applying uptodate technology and complying with the most recent rules for hygiene and safety.

Technology is an essential component in the realization of every single Colussi Ermes machine. Each part and element of the system is built using specific devices and material processing. Such specific feature ensures that deadlines are respected; besides, it is an absolute guarantee of control and quality. Analytical and monitoring tools and a highly skilled and trained team carry out the production process.

Colussi Ermes has always been a synonym of excellence.

Colussi Ermes mission consists of determining the real requirements and expectations of every single customer, assisting him through a process of awareness and counselling.


Choosing a Colussi Ermes industrial washing machine means benefitting from the best and fastest service all over the world.

Our relationship with the customer only begins with the delivery of the equipment. The ongoing presence of our fully committed electrical and mechanical specialists ensures a smooth and troublefree machine installation and startup.

Training provided by our support specialists instructs customers on how to operate the washer, maximize its potential and perform routine maintenance.

Service is a priority to Colussi Ermes. Our efficient, customeroriented service department and multiskilled technicians organize and provide immediate professional onsite support as well as online assistance at any time.


6178_galana009_cmyk_ok_25COLUSSI ERMES also offers  a partial or total reconditioning of obsolete machines. We perform all the necessary repairs, replacements and renovations to optimize the machines functionalities and restore its original performance. Reconditioned machines can be upgraded with new technologies that feature capabilities comparable to modern machines.

IBIE 2016

At IBIE 2016 Colussi Ermes will propose the best solutions for manual and inline pan washers with variable capacities up to over 30 items/minute, bottom down loading and introduction height up to 4”. Crate washers with innovative centrifugal drying system and throughput up to 6000 items/hour are also among the range of products you will find on display.

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