Costacurta’s wide range of solutions for the food & beverage industry

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CostacurtaCostacurta S.p.A. VICO is an Italian company specialized in the designing and production of metal components for industrial manufacturers and architecture, serving markets worldwide.

The company, with its 95 years of consolidated experience in the Made in Italy production, is based in Milan and has 2 production facilities in the province of Lecco.

Since 1921 Costacurta has been investing and researching to be more and more competitive on both the Italian and international markets.

The company has a divisional structure allowing effective operations on different markets, where Costacurta works according to its mission and values.

Its entire product portfolio originates from wires and plates, and is made of:

  • Filtering elements
  • Conveyor belts
  • Products for the Oil & Gas, chemical and petrochemical sectors

Metal conveyor belts

Metal conveyor belts are used in many industrial processes and sectors, from metallurgical engineering, to the pharmaceutical and food industry.

These belts can be used for applications that require temperatures ranging from approx. -150°C to +1.150°C, even under mechanical or chemical stress.

The company has gained a deep understanding in the designing and manufacturing of metal conveyor belts and is able to support its customers in choosing the most appropriate solution, helping them in terms of materials and type of belt to purchase on the basis of operating conditions, shape, size and weight of the products to be conveyed.

In the beverage sector, Costacurta’s products can be used in different applications. In particular, the belts are used for heat shrink tunnels or shrink wrappers where the final product needs to be wrapped with a heat shrinkable film. The belts are designed to guarantee an excellent stability of the product during the whole process. The constant speed operation of the belt, reduced vibration levels and high functioning reliability really guarantee the perfect wrapping for any pack, six pack and others. In the food sector, conveyor belts are used for example in the baking process. Baking takes place inside continuous ovens with temperatures between approximately 180°C and 280°C, according to the product to be baked. The products are moved inside these continuous ovens on metal conveyor belts.

Costacurta’s conveyor belts resist the temperatures inside the oven and are made with high quality materials in order to guarantee maximum hygiene and ease of cleaning after use. The surface of the conveyor belts is designed in such a way that it can adequately support the product to be baked.

Technicians and engineers are available to assist clients in the selection of the most suitable type of belt for their baking lines.

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