Coval: Vacuum handling solutions for products, packaging and packing

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For more than 30 years, COVAL has developed ranges of vacuum pumps and suction cups which enable you to grip and move products, as well as, primary and secondary packaging of all shapes, weights and materials, on production and packing lines.

To respond to your challenges COVAL relies on:

• A strong capacity for development and innovation
• A team 100% dedicated to Packaging
• A full product range dedicated to handling, packaging and packing
• Experience and solid expertise acquired from world leader

Our uniqueness is our capacity, products, service and expertise, to not limit our customers or their project needs. We are always able to analyze, offer, develop, produce and accompany the perfectly adapted solution to their requirements.

COVAL vacuum pumps and suction cups are present wherever raw or finished products are packaged, put in boxes and palletized. Our expertise is to accompany you in the choice of the most efficient solution, in terms of quality, productivity and energy efficiency.

Industries that we work with:

• Food processing
• Health and Beauty
• Household equipment
• Technological equipment

Machines that we equip:
• Pick and place
• Box forming
• Bagging
• Case packers
• Palletize

Products that we handle:
• Cardboard
• Flow Pack
• Paper
• Aluminum
• Plastic
• Glass

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