Craft Beer in can Gai solution for a growing market


Always more are breweries using cans for their craft beers. A conscious choice, that Gai values thanks to SERIE CAN, monobloc conceived to the filling and labelling of beer in can: quality and efficiency in each working phase.

Craft in can, breweries prefer the cans. If once bottling beer in glass bottle was an essential condition to increase the prestige of artisanal productions, the actual data are reversing the trend.

On the American market, leading this sector with over 6.300 craft breweries, in 2012 glass represented more than 90% of the packaging. Five years later, as states the Brewers Association, cans have steadily conquered on third of production, from 24,5 up to 30,9% of the total.

In 2017, the choice for the cans has increased of 8% among breweries of middle dimensions (between 100 and 10 thousand cases) and even of 12,4% among microbreweries (<10 thousand cases).

The factors pushing to choose cans are a mix of consumption trends, filling new technologies and the certainty of a safe packaging, with perfect sealing and protection from light and oxidation.

Consumers reward the easy opening, the easy transportation and the awareness that a can has a lower impact on the production of CO2, as it is lighter, easy to transport and to be stored in larger quantities.


Gai has collected the new needs in the actual market, by designing the CAN SERIES, highly technological solution dedicated to craft breweries entering the field of beer in can and not willing to compromise. CAN SERIES is composed of a linear monobloc enabling the whole filling cycle, ensuring an incomparable respect of the product thanks to delicate processes taking care of the reduction of the oxidation by the injection of inert gas in each working station.

A machine that is easy to use, robust and resistant, easy to get sanitized:
all circuits can be reached without effort and designed to avoid stagnation.

CAN series, able to work with sparkling and still products up to max. 4 bar, acts in perfect synchrony thanks a universal infeed screw entering cans in the monobloc and conveying them to all stations: it can work up to 450 litres of beer per hour, i.e. 1400 cans\h.

CAN SERIES is composed of a rinser, a filler, un can lids dispenser, a seamer, a weight control cell and a washing tunnel. On the same structure are positioned four can lid storing columns/loaders to supply the distributor.

The CAN monobloc, finally, is predisposed to be connected to a CIP cleaning system. The rinser, the filler and the gas injection/water jet units are provided with manual dummy bottles for a correct and efficient sanitation cycle.


GAI company, founded in 1946 by Giacomo Gai, is leader manufacturer in bottling machines field. Worth-known product is the “monobloc”, first developed in 1979, enabling the whole production process in just two machines, one for the phases from rinsing to capping, and the other one for the labelling. The target sectors are the ones eferred to wine, oil, distillates and, increasingly, beer.

Cornerstones of GAI have remained unchanged through time:
technical assistance and spare parts guaranteed for lifetime; customization of the machines according to the customer needs; 90% of components manufactured
in-house; investment in technology and in trained human capital.

ln 2013 it was developed an electro-pneumatic valve that is revolutionizing once again the way of bottling. This patented valve can work both sparkling products and still ones up to 20.000 bottles/ hour.

In 2016 GAI activity reached the important 70 years anniversary, coinciding also with the extension of the plant in all production departments, offices, warehouses, up to duplicate the previous area. Export is nowadays the 80% of the business turnover. Each year approximately 1.000 monoblocs are manufactured in mill and dispatched to all over the world.



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