Defrosting in minutes, increasing the yield? Yes, you can!


Stalam will present at IFFA the latest and most advanced Radio Frequency technology for the rapid defrosting of meat and seafood.

The Stalam technology can rapidly generate heat volumetrically within the product.

The heating process is uniform and controlled, resulting in a significant reduction of drip losses. RF heating method offers flexibility in the production scheduling and is the ideal solution for many tempering, softening and thawing processes.

The products are placed on the machine’s conveyor belt and are transferred through the RF unit (tunnel) passing between upper two metallic plates.

These plates (also called electrodes) form an electrical capacitor and the product in between the plates becomes the dielectric element of that capacitor.

The electrode plates are connected to a radio frequency generator oscillating at a frequency of about 27 million cycles per second.

When the RF generator supplies high frequency alternating voltage between the capacitor plates, the dipolar water molecules of the product will vibrate and rotate in the attempt to align themselves according to the fast changing opposite plates polarity. This phenomenon causes the intermolecular friction, which will in turn generate heat rapidly and uniformly within the whole product mass regardless of its size, weight, shape and thermal conductivity.

In this way defrosting is achieved in minutes rather than hours/days, even for large product blocks and, if necessary, directly inside packaging used for storage (carton boxes, polyethylene bags, etc.).

The processing speed and uniformity minimize product degradation: No drip loss; No deterioration of organoleptic, chemical or physical properties; No bacterial growth; Thus the very best product quality is preserved. Defrosting carried out continuously, with significant logistical advantages in product handling and production scheduling.

Moreover it requires much less floor space compared to the traditional, large defrosting rooms or equipment; overall processing costs can also be reduced drastically compared to conventional techniques.

STALAM RF defrosters have become best-sellers in the market in a very short span of time, thanks to the great benefits they bring to their end-users.

During the fair, Stalam will show the “RF 7 kW” model and carry out two daily demonstrations at 11 AM and 3 PM. Meet us in Hall 9.1 – Stand F03.


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