Drying as a knowledge-intensive process

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Van Tongeren Kennemer has been active for decades with the design and production of knowledge-intensive transport systems and process installations for the processing of cargo. Currently one of the focal activities is drying technology.
Jos Verleg

Van Tongeren Kennemer BV (VKT) ability to differentiate itself from the competition is the fact that the design and construction of its machines and installations is based on profound knowledge of the processes in which these systems are applied. The company’s slogan – engineers who deliver – is thus translated into high-quality industrial solutions that stand for reliable processes, quality products, and high returns.

Product groups
Last year, Van Tongeren Kennemer (VTK) celebrated its 125th anniversary with approximately 70 employees. One of the more recent milestones in the history of the company was the acquisition in 2004 of the screw conveyor business of Spaans Bulk Handling Systems BV in Hoofddorp. The company’s product groups now include screw conveyors and blenders, cyclones and filters, dryers and coolers, fans and blowers, as well as service, maintenance and repair. Modern engineering tools (such as 3D laser scanning and cloud-based modelling), and advanced machinery (e.g. laser cutting and robotic welding) allow us to produce specialised, custom-made systems.

Drying and cooling
For over 50 years, VTK has been a specialist in designing, producing and commissioning entire drying and cooling processes. The programme includes but is not limited to ‘flash dryers’ (pneumatic drying systems) that can dry vast volumes of starch quickly and efficiently. For these systems, VTK designs the complete process, from the dough supply in squeezing screws and the disintegrator to the ring dryer and the cyclone for the separation of the dried product.
The disintegrator (with a 2 MW drive for the rotor) pulls the dough apart, after which it is carried along in a powerful hot airflow. One of the challenges in the design of such an installation is to achieve a process that is as energy efficient as possible.

Complete projects
VTK is used to taking on full responsibility for complete projects, including all construction activities at the customer’s location. Not only do we take care of directing contractors, suppliers and hired staff, we also take care of security, and can do so on a 24/7 basis. Next to installing turnkey installations, VTK also concerns itself with improving the performance of existing systems. Characteristic of drying and cooling installations is that these are built do be used for decades, which means that the systems must not only be extremely reliable, but also future proof. The trend is that performance requirements with regard to for instance product quality, explosion protection, emissions, and maintenance become increasingly more strict. VTK’s engineers, therefore, are fully focused on understanding our customers’ processes, and the implementation of state-of-the-art technology.

Companies can also bring in VTK for the service, (periodical) maintenance and the repair of transport and process installations; even if these have been supplied by third parties. Thanks to VTK’s expertise and process knowledge it is often even possible to om bring the performance of these systems to a higher level.
If necessary, we can stock process installation parts, so that a solution is close at hand in case of an unforeseen malfunction or failure.
VTK can also provide remote monitoring of installations within the framework of preventive maintenance, so that unplanned downtime
can be prevented.



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