EUROPAIN introduces The bakery of 2020

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In 2018, the new edition of Europain will introduce a simplified structure segmented into three sections – MANUFACTURING – SELLING – MANAGING – which will make it easier to identify the latest services, products and equipment. How to manage a business? Optimise organisation? Treat customers? In an industry that is experiencing deep transformations. it is essential to make the right choices and find the best solutions. Europain brings together in one place all the major players concerned with the management of businesses in the bakery pastry industry


Today, when entering the shop customers want to find more than a simple baguette or a cake. They want to be able to sit down and enjoy a pleasant moment, find hot beverages, delicacy snacks to take away or savoury products at meal times. For professionals in the industry, creating a coffee corner or a workspace, as well as optimising design and layout are some of the opportunities available to help boost sales, but they also represent challenges to keep up with the customers and the market.

The exhibitors attending Europain 2018 will present a varied offering including cafeteria products, ingredients and finished products for bakery catering, but also small equipment, appliances and services to help professionals transform local shops into versatile places where customers can come to eat and  exchange.


Digital is also affecting consumer habits significantly throughout the whole Food Service industry, including bakery pastry naturally. From checking opening hours to online sale, mobile payment and click & collect, new technology is changing the business and the services that customers have come to expect, in particular the millennials.

All the players who can help professionals ensure the transition will be present at Europain: advice, dedicated technology and equipment etc., with an emphasis on central questions such as online ordering and managing unsold products.


All the aspects related to running a bakery pastry business will also be addressed: legal support, insurance, accounting, production planning, and of course, training and human resources management. Visitors will find for instance software packages covering all the facets of staff management.

Many technological solutions designed to save time and optimise sales will also be featured: automatic debit, stock management and staff turnover are among the many examples together with numerous other services proposed to professionals in the bakery pastry industry, regardless of the size of their business.

Finally, in the heart of the “Managing” section, the Schools street presents training programmes for all the trades in the sector. The industry is flourishing and many types of training programmes are available today: basic training, continuous training, online, short-track, etc. Students or entrepreneurs retraining in the sector will find here information on the training programmes available and possibly future collaborators.

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