Farmo. The authentic taste of Made in Italy arrives at IBA 2023


Founded in 2000 following the President Remo Giai’s idea, Farmo is an all-Italian company, and a leader in the gluten-free sector.

The Lombard company, based in Casorezzo (in the province of Milan), has been a point of reference for those looking for high quality gluten-free products for over 20 years, thanks to its ability to combine the genuine taste of Italian cuisine with the needs of those who must follow a gluten-free diet. Until the early 2000s, gluten-free flours were used to produce healthy, but not particularly tasty, foods.

Thanks to its team of specialists in Research & Development, Farmo has therefore become the star of a true revolution, creating something that did not yet exist, but that many people dreamed of: gluten-free, healthy foods with all the typical flavours of the Made in Italy tradition.

Because eating is a necessity, but eating well, being able to choose healthy and sustainable raw ingredients, is an art that transforms the moment of sitting at the table into an opportunity to take care of both yourself and the world.

This is the mantra adopted by Farmo, which selects high-quality raw materials and ingredients, guaranteeing maximum safety in the production processes. Its Technical Farmo.

The authentic taste of Made in Italy arrives at IBA 2023 TECHNOLOGY SPECIAL SPECIAL Centre is one of the most advanced in Italy in the search for ingredients with high organoleptic and nutritional properties and everything is selected, developed and produced within the company, without ever losing sight of the two “dogmas” of flavour and nutritional balance.

From 22 to 26 October, Farmo will be present at the IBA 2023 fair in Munich, an international event dedicated to the world of baking and pastry. Farmo’s participation in this prestigious event is a tangible sign of its commitment to spreading the authentic taste of Made in Italy in the heart of Europe, while promoting a free and healthy range of food products that are suitable for everyone.

Inside Stand no. 155 of Hall B4, you can taste various products from the vast Farmo catalogue, all of which are strictly gluten-free. In addition, delicious pizzas, pastries, sponge cakes, shortbreads, ‘pinse’ and wraps will also be prepared with Farmo products, to savour all the flavours of Italian cuisine.

For those who think big, there is the Professional Line

The art of pastry and baking is a discipline that requires dedication, passion and a good deal of creativity. But for those who want to do things on a larger scale, you also need to have the right tools at your disposal.

This is where the Farmo Professional Line comes into play, a range of flour mixes that includes a series of gluten-free dessert preparations that can offer a world of possibilities and satisfy even the most demanding palates. Composed of 15 kg bags intended for professional use, the Professional Line includes the exclusive preparations to create some of the most-loved dishes of Italian cuisine, such as pizza, bread, cakes, panettone, ‘colomba’ [Italian Easter pastry], egg pasta and béchamel.

Among its classic mixes of flours for professional use, the standout products are the “maxi versions” of the four Fibrepans that make up the muchappreciated Mix Line, which is the company’s flagship: namely Fibrepan the Original, Fibrepan Low Protein, Fibrepan-Cake and Fibrepan-Pasta.

Fibrepan Grandi Lievitati was also added to these, as a special preparation for panettone, colombas [Easter pastries] and other highly leavened products, again in the 15 kg size. It is a classic mix of flours for professional use with which to make gluten-free desserts, and is therefore ideal for bringing to the table all the aromas and flavours of the Italian tradition.

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