FLEXICAP Dynamic Excellence FLEXICAP is an innovative assembling machine designed for coffee.

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It is available in different models from a minimum of two lanes performing up to 120 capsules a minute to a maximum of eight lanes up to 450 capsules a minute according to the format and to the product to fill.

FLEXICAP boasts flexibility, dynamicity and the complete production efficiency. The modularity of all the system makes quick and simple all the product change over and all the operations fully accessible for the inspection. One year after the presentation of the project at the exhibition HOST held in Milan, our R&D office continuously focused on the design studio and on the realization of many improvements on this project, both from an aesthetic and from a performance perspective. The new FLEXICAP guarantees the maximum flexibility of the whole system; from the feeding of the capsules by sorter or by storage for stacked capsules and available both in the New long-autonomy -supply version.

The loading and downloading of capsules is through Pick & Place system. The inner capsules cleaning system before the filling and of the edge of the capsule after the filling is done by sterile micro-fillered air and the suction of the residual powders; this process allows a perfect sealing of the edge of the capsule guaranteeing the sealing over the time and the closing of the top lid.

The filling and sealing stations are user-friendly and they include the maintenance and the cleaning. The machine is equipped for the installation of a laminar fl w that ensure a 100% hygienic product. All the machine is designed to work with more formats both for powders or coffee and liquid products and thanks to the use of pucks to transfer the capsules and the filling stations, filer insertion (if required) cut and seal top lid and “docking station” model. This version is easy to dismount and performs an excellent cleaning. Fur- thermore, the change over is fast and it is carried out within minimum limits of time and with no tools.

The handling of the stations is made by brushless motors and allows ac- curacy and flexibility as well as the quality of the operations to be carried out; both the adjustments and the config rations of the parameters are carried out from the 15’’ “touch screen” control panel with the possibility to save the production data. The machine is prepared for the integration into industry 4.0.

FLEXICAP is equipped with controls for the correct execution of all the operations and for the installation of verification camera. All the contact parts with the product are made of 316 L. stainless steel and FDA approved. The uncoupling and descent system for the cleaning of the grinding system or upper feeding hopper (coffee or soluble products) or other devices placed over the upper part of the FLEXICAP: it allows the maximum security of the operators and maintainers. It is possible to connect directly the filling stations to the production installation of the product, in order to guarantee the maximum hygiene of production with no stops of the machine.

Thanks to the long experience in the designing and construction of the machines, we can customize and satisfy every single enquiry aimed at satisfy any customer need.


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