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In response to the needs of a continuously evolving market, FMT S.r.l. confirms itself as a constantly growing reality, specializing in Complete Lines in the Food & Beverage Sector, promoting Research and Development of technological innovations, aiming at the continuous improvement of its range of machines. Thanks to the various Divisions: Filling & Closing, Thermal Treatment, Handling and Robotics & Engineering, FMT pays particular attention to construction details, cleanliness, energy recovery and to the development of “customised” lines, confirming itself as a reliable partner for also for the most demanding Customers. Innovation and attention on market needs, is in our DNA.


New Generation Piston Filler mod. FLEXFILL with capable of filling a very wide variety of product: liquid, viscous or with pieces, such as Sauces, dressings, syrups, honey, creams, cream cheese, condensed milk, yogurt, juices, ….

PRECISE AND WASHABLE, the Flexfill filler is the most advanced technology of his kind nowadays on the market.

These fillers are the perfect union between volumetric piston filling technology with electronic valve developed in accordance with the highest hygienic design philosophy.

Considering ever more variable market needs, thanks to our R&D dept. and almost thirty years of experience in the Beverage & Food sectors, we have created a very flexible machine and above all the only one on the market which is really TOTALLY WASHABLE.

New Vegetables Universal LINEAR FILLER mod. NEW RLV2000 TUBOLAR

This new filler generation is designed to handle a very wide range of vegetables in efficient and hygienic condition, without change format. Suitable to fill: olives, cucumbers, peaches, pickled vegetables, plums etc. allowing the operator to reach good results both in production speed and quality. The NEW RVL200 TUBOLAR, is specially designed and equipped to be cleaned automatically. This gives big advantages especially during product change over, increasing sensitively the machine productivity.


Complete range or Sterilisation Retorts mod. AS and AR,  static, rotating and for laboratory, suitable for sterilisation and pasteurisation of food, in all types of containers. An extremely flexible and innovative working platform, with technological solutions that allow different types of sterilisation cycles to be implemented in the same machine. A dynamic and very intuitive system allows monitoring of all heat treatment phases, with particular attention to energy consumption.

FMT Energy Saving System, allows to reclaim heat energy of the first cooling phase which would be otherwise wasted during cooling phase, to heat water to be redirected in the process of next sterilization process.

Modular Pasteurization Tunnel mod. C, W, P and PCRS for Cooling, Warming, Pasteurisation and Calorie Recovery Pasteurisation tunnel of food and beverage products inside different types of containers: cans, glass bottles and jars, plastic bottles.

The leading position of pasteurizing tunnel’s range, with our Know-how in the market, highlights the remarkable features of our equipment in terms of quality, efficiency and thermal treatment guarantee.

The system working by mean of thermic exchange system, obtained by waterfall distribution, guarantees the best results regarding the time /temperature ratio. Thanks to Tubular Heat Exchangers and machine insulation, it is possible to save steam consumption & recover the steam condensation for further utilization on the steam generator.

System WSS (water saving system by cooling tower) with dedicated external basin or PHE for the cooling phase, is suitable for having independent thermal zones, permitting to almost eliminate the water consumption by reducing them <0,5m³/h.

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