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BBM Service is able to offer 360° support and customized service for your bottling plant

Italian excellence. BBM SERVICE is an Italian company with a long and renowned experience in the beverage sector and is specialized in the turnkey supply of water and beverage bottling plants. Flexibility, presence, and ability to work on all the machines of the line are just some of the strengths of BBM. For more than 15 years, BBM has been a technical partner of some of the most renowned brands in the sector, such as Nestlè Waters, Coca-Cola HBC Group, Heineken, and many others.

A single partner, from audit to start-up

BBM Service is a single point of reference for market and budget analysis, study layout, supply and installation of machines, management of safety protocols, and logistics.

What are the “turnkey” services of BBM Service?

  • Excellence in used bottling machinery BBM has an impressive selection of 200+ used packaging machines, completely overhauled, and updated, to ensure equal performance to the latest generation machines. BBM offers the best of the second-hand market, including blow molding machines, fillers, labelers, shrinkwrappers, wrap-around case packers, tray formers, palletizers, and much more! Customers can view the machines and follow the overhaul and start-up process at the BBM showroom in Lenna (Bergamo, Italy).

Available in just 90/120 days

BBM has in stock everything you need for a turnkey supply. After the customization of the machine, our specialized technicians are ready to carry out the transport, assembly, and start-up at the customer’s site

Wide selection

BBM has more than 200 used machines in the new showroom of over 10,000 square meters


All the machines undergo several check-ups. All defective components are replaced with compatible spare parts to achieve maximum performance. For even greater safety, BBM provides a full 6-month warranty on all its overhauled machines

Go green, go second-hand

The growing problem of disposal of industrial material makes it necessary to adopt a new philosophy, where old machinery is not demolished, but withdrawn from suppliers such as BBM.

Buying the overhauled used means making a conscious, convenient, and environmentally friendly choice

Visit BBM online store at

you can consult the complete catalogue of used BBM machines plus accessories. The information sheets are complete with layouts, technical details, and videos of the machines in action. Contact for a free quote.

Featured: non-returnable glass line 10,000 bph

Performance and automation for bottling beer, wine, alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, soft drinks, and water in different formats

Already available

The current problems in sourcing raw materials are often the cause of delays in the supply of new machinery. The complete 10,000 bph glass line is already available. If required, we will perform ad-hoc customizations on the machinery, format changeover, and energy-saving upgrades. Within a few weeks, the line can be overhauled to your requirements and installed in your plant


Turnkey service

Assembly and testing of the line, training of operators on site, and periodic maintenance: BBM will independently take care of all these steps

You don’t like one of the machines? No problem!

You can conveniently replace it with another one. Choose it from our catalogue of more than 200 machines and view it in our showroom in Lenna (Bergamo, Italy).

Watch the video of the 10.000 bph non-returnable glass line in action and discover all technical details

Showcased: used bbm depalletisers, palletisers and stretchwrappers, to automate bottling plant logistics

BBM has a wide selection of used, overhauled, and guaranteed palletisers, depalletisers and stretchwrappers available. The machines can be customised for specific processes, installing change-over kits and customisation for the handling and packaging of the required products.

  • Spare parts

BBM is an independent alternative for spare parts supplies, having a large stock of mechanical, pneumatic and electronic components compatible with the major brands in the industry

All spare parts are tested by BBM in a certified laboratory; in fact, BBM has always invested in research and development to provide customers with free pass material of the highest quality, at prices 10-20% lower than the market average. We provide special discounts for our regular customers, and we create stocks of basic spare parts for routine maintenance.

Read the list of machines and brands compatible with BBM spare parts

We specialize in the supply of overhaul kits for specific machine groups, so that the customer can save on the purchase of each individual part. BBM also offers to mark spare parts, in order to ensure traceability or facilitate identification.

In order to overcome the current problems of component supply, we have developed an up-to-date and proven minimum stock program, to ensure the availability of spare parts and thus quick delivery to our customers. We have a warehouse of over 1,800 m², almost 80 m3, with a wide range of parts ready to be shipped.

Our team of experts is always on hand to ensure short delivery times. The extensive entourage of foreign agents facilitates commercial and logistical operations in the supply of spare parts in EU and EXTRA-EU territories.

By the end of 2023, we will launch a new e-commerce entirely dedicated to the sale of compatible spare parts. The aim is to make the customer purchasing process faster, leaner, and more automatic. Customers will be able to independently enter their spare parts lists and receive an offer or proceed directly to purchase.

  • Technical assistance and engineering

With twenty years of experience and a team of over 50 qualified technicians, BBM offers a complete range of services to support the customer: line dismantling and relocation, format changeover, regular maintenance of the plant, and staff training.

BBM also provides remote assistance HOTLINE service, for an even faster response, in order to get the line back in action as quickly as possible.

What else? BBM offers its know-how for highly specialized engineering interventions. Our portfolio consists of machine upgrades to fully exploit the potential of the machine and achieve energy and cost savings.

In particular, BBM has specialized in upgrades on the blow molding machines of all main OEMs. Thanks to a few, simple installations, it is possible to save up to 35% in energy consumption.

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