For the 2023 edition of Interpack TOPJET S.P.A. will confirm its presence


For the 2023 edition of Interpack, the international trade fair for packaging machinery and products, Topjet S.p.A. will confirm its presence given the strategic importance of this event. 

The main goal of the company is to establish its position worldwide in the packaging field. 

The development of new technologies, ideal for different types of application, makes the company a reliable partner as well as an expert consultant to guide customers towards the best possible choice for their printing needs (both in the field of marking and decoration), having the possibility to range from compact solutions such as HR 500, HR 350 and JP4C to more complex technologies with multiple functionalities such as ARIETE, SLATJET, MARCAPALLETS and COLORJET. 

This year Topjet S.p.A. is bringing the COLORJET digital printer to its stand. 

COLORJET presents the possibility of printing on both sides of the product and at the same time adapting to the most varied types of packaging, thus presenting itself as a high-performance machine that also manages to contain the costs associated with the use of inks. 

Thanks to this double-sided printing capability, the machine is able to optimise production time, and with its UV technology it can print on polystyrene, wood, plastic, glossy cardboard, treated surfaces and others. 

To ensure a user-friendly machine, the human-machine interaction (HMI) is optimized through an industrial PC that allows the management of files, images and logos in various formats (bmp, jpg, png, tif), as well as the insertion of barcodes, date and time stamps and the possibility of consecutive repetition of the message with monochrome colour or with the use of CMYK with the addition of white (both for marking and decoration). 

The us of white ink, which represents a digital innovation in this respect, makes it possible, if required, to place prints on coloured backgrounds or as a base to heighten and emphasize the overlying colour. 

Filippo Romani, Sales Export Manager of Topjet S.p.A. will be present at the fair and he affirms: “At last we can return to one of the events that we consider to be of major importance worldwide. We expect that the fair will host many visitors and with them great opportunities to consolidate our presence within the packaging market with the aim of increasing our global awareness. We will bring a very versatile and user-friendly technology that will be active and visitors will have the opportunity to touch the finished, freshly printed product by checking the performance of the system directly on our stand. 

Thanks to the support of one of our specialized technicians, who will operate the machine for the duration of the fair, we will be able to print on different types of materials, also to perform demonstrations and give technical answers to all kinds of needs for all those who will visit us.

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