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Among the most innovative companies in the field of construction and marketing of machines for fruit processing, PND is continuing to follow its path of growth and specialisation. It continues to further consolidate its leadership in international markets.

The ease of use and integration in production processes together with its continuous assistance allow you to reduce costs and optimise results. PND machines work at full capacity on all continents, which has led the company to develop a dense network of agents and a fast, prompt and effective after-sales customer care service.
The company is able to satisfy and assist a varied and demanding clientele at any latitude. This is one of the advantages that PND offers to its customers.

Starting today there is another new feature for US customers. Virginia Cascella, export manager of PND, shares the news:
We have opened a US office in the state of Tennessee. We felt it was important to have staff on the ground in one of our biggest markets.

This will allow us to provide an even faster support to our U.S. customers. Besides serving as a sales office, we will carry an extensive range of spare parts to expedite a faster delivery to all of the States and Canada. Our reply to sales inquiries, after-sales service and parts replacement in the North American market will no longer be affected by the time differences between Italy and North America.

The opening of an office in the United States, however, is not the only new feature that PND has in store for the market. PND’s engineers have been able to further improve the PL6M peeler. In addition to peeling mangoes, the machine will have the capacity to also peel kiwis in an original way. Here is more information on our newest innovation:
We are always working hard to improve our machines. Our engineers and technicians have done a great job in making the PL6M peeler capable of processing both mango and kiwi.
And unlike other peelers in the market the machine does not pierce the product.
This development designed by PND allows the operator to hold the fruit at the ends without piercing it, which makes it perfect for the Fresh Cut Industry. As an end result, the fruit resembles a fruit that has been peeled by hand. This is very much appreciated by consumers and our customers have taken note. The new PL6M peeler is thus prepared to process both kinds of fruit. For those customers who already own our PL6M peeler, we offer an upgrade kit to allow the peeling of both mangoes and kiwis.
One of the big trends of recent times has been dried fruit chips, in particular apples, an area in which PND offers an advanced and cost-effective solution. What is it?
PND has always been able not only to support, but also to anticipate global market trends. Take a look at the case of dried fruit which is racking up impressive numbers in the growth rates of dried fruit snacks. Those choosing PND can have the DRR coring round cutter machine which is able to cut apples and peaches into thinner slices than the competition. The advantage of thinner slices is the crisp taste that ensues after drying.

PND is one of the largest manufacturers of fruit processing machines in the world. Founded in 2000, the company has constantly invested in quality and innovation, specialising in the design and development of advanced solutions for the companies in the Fresh Cut Industry, as well as for the canning, freezing and dehydrating industries.


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