Fruit Takes Shape with PND’s Know-How, a Market Leader for Twenty Years


Fruit processing through simple, reliable machinery, backed by toptier support. At PND, issues are resolved within hours, while the customer becomes a partner in the company’s success. An experience that spans 63 countries and involves more than 570 companies worldwide.

Virginia Cascella
Export manager – PND

Founded in 2000 through the ingenuity of its founder, who instilled a technical vocation, PND designs and develops advanced systems for fourth-generation companies and for the canning, freezing, and dehydrating industries.

Pitting, peeling, segmenting, as well as cutting and destoning: while the fruit finds new shapes (from 500 kilos to three-four tons per hour), PND’s clientele expands, reaching across all five continents. What’s the secret to their success? We asked Virginia Cascella, Export Manager.

What makes a company like PND special? Why have customers maintained their trust over time?

“Our strength, recognized by our clients, is ease of use. Our owner was previously a technician, so he proposes a low-profile corporate policy that takes into account the person tasked with operating the machine. Sophisticated equipment is pointless if the technician doesn’t know how to handle it.

Our machines are built on simplicity: few electronic parts, reliability, and safety, even in environments with extensive water use. Another significant strength comes from our dedicated after-sales team: the relationship with the customer is handled with great care, and in case of issues, we offer phone support, online assistance, and direct consultation.”

So the company is structured for effective after-sales service?

“Exactly. We boast a team of field engineers who speak the customer’s language, without needing interpreters. Additionally, two in-house contacts are always available via WhatsApp; this ensures speed: the technician contacts us, sends a video, and we can immediately identify the issue. Even from the other side of the world, the response comes at most within two hours.”

How significant is export to PND?

“It accounts for 95% of our turnover. We started with the Polish market and apples, with about 65 automated lines; then came Switzerland, and now we’re virtually all over the world: Chile and Argentina with pear peelers, followed by the Netherlands, Spain, Portugal, the United States, and Canada. We have also recently landed in Australia.”

Let’s talk about innovation: how does it manifest in PND?

“Through listening to the customer: they make the requests, they issue the challenges. We respond with constant research and designing user-friendly machines. For example, eight years ago a client asked us for a solution to destone radishes; based on our expertise, we got to work: with minor adjustments, the strawberry machine now also works for radishes.

Essentially, by adapting the spindle or other tools, the machinery can process different fruits, making them more versatile and allowing companies to amortize costs. Today, apples, pears, kiwis, and peaches effectively use the same machine.”

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