Future of Food Preservation: Already present and available


PIGO Srl is a family-run company, founded in 1991, and based on continuous research and development of new technologies, and improvement of the most cutting-edge technologies existing in the food processing.

PIGO srl is specialized in freezing that for decades was the best way to store the food, and still is. With deep freezing, up to 100% of all the natural characteristics and nutritional values of the fresh product are preserved, but the frozen product requires the cold chain.

The future of the conservation is in the possibility to conserve the product in the easiest way possible. That is why the future is now.

The perfect complicity of the high technology, simplicity for the user and economical advantage are all concentrated in EFD Easy Freeze Dryer. Taking the frozen product, drying it with the sublimation process (freeze drying), we obtain a product with all the characteristics of the fresh product, but completely without water, with a “shelf life” of many years, which does not require any particular conditions for the storage.

Today it is possible to freeze-dry not only individual components, but also whole meals. All we had the pleasure of seeing and trying complete meals, also for celiac, who do not lose their taste or natural characteristics, thanks to one of our customers who with decades of experience in the medical-pharmaceutical field uses these methods for its product.

Foods processed in this way have always been used by astronauts but today these products are the most innovative and most popular in all sectors of the food industry worldwide.

Today, PIGO srl is one of the very few companies in the world that offers all three main methods of preserving food: freezing, drying, and freeze drying.

Managing to improve existing technologies, obtaining the final product of clearly superior quality. Following guideline “our raw material is gray matter”, PIGO srl is focused on research, development and continuous improvement, thanks to engagement of entire team and collaborators.

PIGO srl long term experience in fruit and vegetables processing brought also to develop the high tech freeze-dryer that allows to save delicate aromas while drying the frozen product under vacuum, producing a premium quality product.

The sensorial properties of the finished product are absolutely superimposable to those of the fresh product. After the process, product will have retained its form, volume and original structure, as well as all its physical, chemical and biological properties.

As the product is porous, it can be re dissolved by the simple addition of a proper solvent (water). As mentioned PIGO srl is specialized also in freezing, and for the perfect IQF freezing process we recommend EASY Freeze IQF Freezer, PIGO srl avantguarde in freezing technology.

Fully controlled fluidization method keeps the product constantly suspended above the belt in a cushion of air. The result is the immediate crust freezing and efficient core freezing of individual pieces, regardless of type, variety or condition of product.

Maximized freezing efficiency is guaranteed for each unique product, whether the product is heavy, light, soft, sticky or fragile, thanks to Variable speed control of all fans and all other build-inn drives, allowing on-the-fly optimization of air flow conditions.

PIGO srl is also specialized in other drying and freezing technologies. Besides Easy Freeze Dryer EFD, main machines for drying are Adiabatic Multistage Belt Dryer PG135 and Tunnel Dryer PG128.

For freezing, besides the IQF Freezers EASY Freeze, PIGO also produces Spiral Freezers EASY Freeze SPYRO.

PIGO srl experience also in complete stone fruit processing lines is perfectly proven and incorporated in the High Capacity Pitting machine – PG 103.

The key advantages of PIGO Technology and competitive technologies:

FASTER PROCESS WITH LESS ENERGY – Our method reduces process time up to 25% while consuming less energy.

LOW TEMPERATURE OPERATION – Uniquely designed features allow the low temperature operation cycles which are crucially important for preserving the natural integrity of the product.

LOW TEMPERATURE OPERATION – Uniquely designed features allow the low temperature operation cycles which are crucially important for preserving the natural integrity of the product.

HIGHER YIELD and faster investment return.

LISTERIA AND PATHOGEN FREE OPERATION – Todays “must” for food safety, provided by open design of all machinery parts by unique PIGO design.

OPERATOR FRIENDLY – All steps in the freezing process are designed to facilitate simple, fast and efficient operation and maintenance, with NO DOWNTIME.


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