Gea high pressure homogenization technology in food and & beverage applications


GEA is the technological leader for dynamic high pressure homogenizers and plungers pump, suitable for all industries and applications. This is the result of specific know-how and a spirit of innovation that is constantly focused on innovation and high standard process performances.

How homogenization enriches food products?

The benefit of high pressure homogenization is well known in dairy, food & beverage industries for subdividing particles or droplets present in fluids, and reduce them to the smallest possible size, down to nanometer range.

Enhanced stability, shelf life, viscosity, color and taste are the essential characteristics that the emulsion gains through this process. Homogenization contribute in increasing digestibleness and, as consequence, facilitating assimilation of the nutritional principles as well.

The use of high dynamic pressure and homogenizing valves specifically designed by GEA experts for different applications, allow to subdivided particles at the required size and efficiently mix ingredients at the lowest possible pressure, ensuring energy and cost savings.

What makes GEA your ideal partner?

The most important key of success consists in the close collaboration with customers. The connection of common efforts enable to implement innovative and tailor-made solutions, to maintain continuous product development and to guarantee efficient operations with excellent results on the final products.

The latest set-up and continuous improvements on production technologies allow the company to offer a complete range of homogenizers, from laboratory up to the industrial scale.

Thanks to a strategy of development of both established and potential applications, often based on cooperation with our customers’ Research and Development Centers, GEA can offer highly specific and customized process solutions to always meet, ensure and repeat over time product quality excellence.

All GEA homogenizers are designed CIP and SIP, they are available with cGMP documentation and approved FDA and 3-A certification; GEA is also able to support clients for the IQ/OQ qualifications and product test (FATSAT).

Ariete Series. The state-of-the-art technology for power, reliability and flexibility.

These machines are easily implementable in remote controlled systems and complete process lines. GEA homogenizers are available in different configurations, conceived with specific liquid end design that allows to reach up to 1500 bar with premium homogenization performances warranty.

Main advantages:
• Easy to use
• Highest reliability on continuous production (24/7)
• Reduced operational costs (water, lubrication oil, energy)
• Low environmental impact
• High capacity at ultra-high pressure

One Series

The combination of convenience and quality to deliver unmatched benefits. These 3-piston homogenizers are simple and versatile machines manufactured to ensure easy maintenance and simple installation. Available in five versions, the series can meet any production need (from 300 l/h up to 10.000 l/h – 250 bar). Main advantages:

  • Ready-to-use
  • Ideal for small-medium dairy &
  • beverage industries
  • High versatility and smart installation
  • Long lasting core components
  • Reduced maintenance cost
  • Safe sanitary design
Find the perfect homogenizer for your product

The Laboratory and the Innovation Center, just refurbished in November 2019, represent a unique resource for customers to directly test homogenization technology on their product samples, refine receipts, develop high efficiency homogenizing valves and evaluate the performance of installed machines.

Highly qualified staff can support customers in the development of new products, to test maximum process efficiency conditions and product scalability to industrial production processes.

The quality and the reliability of GEA homogenizers are well known all around the world, find out all the information on the website.


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