GIROPÈS: Solutions In The World Of Weighing

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Giropès, located in the north of Spain, has been providing solutions in the world of weighing for more than 20 years. They currently have a staff of more than 125 people dedicated to de- sign, technology, manufacturing and marketing. And they are already present in more than 35 countries around the world.

The Giropès brand itself encompasses the process of vision, design and manufacture of all the elements of a weighing system. From load cells to indicators to the weighing structure itself such as truck scales, weighing platforms, pallet trucks and other equipment Giropès is made up of 4 brands: Giropès, Baxtran, Giropès Solutions and Girwim. Giropès’ extensive experience has led to the creation of several successful complete installations in companies in many different fields, from the agricultural sector to waste treatment and even the aeronautical, competition, logistics and industrial sectors, among many others.

UTSTANDING PROJECTS A recent installation has been the start-up of equipment for the classification and discarding by weight in the packaging lines of disposable cardboard products. The installation has been carried out at the Raber Solutions company, a company with more than 30 years of experience in the manufacture, handling and marketing of single-use disposable products. The distribution of these products under the P&H brand is a benchmark in the retail market and in Cash & Carry, where cardboard articles for tables, plates and trays are everywhere on the shelves.

The introduction of this simple weighing system allows them to automatically detect deviations from the correct indicated weight for the packages and discard those that are not correct. By adapting our products and optimizing them to the required level, our products are now being used in a variety of different production lines in the industry. This gives us experience and expertise from solving problems stemming from years of outdated industrial protocols.

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