GORRERI, the cakes process company since 1987


Gorreri Food Processing Technology is an Italian producer of turn-key lines and tailored machinery for the industrial and semi-industrial production of various types of cakes. A complete range of cakes processing technology, designed on customers’ production needs, according to an expertise of more than 55 years.

THE COMPANY. Founded by Mr. Luigi Gorreri, the actual President, the Company is still led by the Gorreri family, which collaborates directly with customers on all types of new projects, turning product ideas into running production lines and suggesting processing solutions based on a know-how, directly gained on fields worldwide, which is crucial in solving, avoiding, and preventing production issues.

THE RANGE. Gorreri produces a wide range of industrial machinery, designed aiming top performance and optimization of space, time, and costs at once. A wide range of industrial machinery, from mixing equipment up to decoration and injection devices, passing through ultrasonic cutting devices and robotic systems.

Gorreri machinery is developed to achieve top-level performance and is all designed according to an advanced hygienic concept to avoid product contamination and according to a special idea of no-tools-maintenance, as well as being strongly built to work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week as industrial manufacturers require.

MIXING EQUIPMENT. The only way to get the best final product is to start with the perfect batter and dough preparation. That’s why the Gorreri Team has developed and refined over the years, different concepts of mixing systems.

TURBOMIXER TECHNOLOGY, Gorreri turbo aerator in continuous, unmatched in speed, compactness, and quality of the final products. Refined in more than 30 years, TURBO MIXER with VERTIMIX Technology mixes, emulsifies, and aerates creams, whipped cream, parfait, meringue, and any kind of soft dough.

Turbomixer range has endless technical solutions, all studied to optimize customers’ production process, merging the high and unique performance of Vertimix Technology to advantages of continuous mixing, to grant uniformity, softness, and compactness structure of batters and creams, reducing thickening and emulsifying agents.


Thanks to the TURBOMIXER TECHNOLOGY, with its unique ability to whip egg whites to 180 gr/l, Gorreri has developed different systems to produce in continuous special products like chiffon-cake, angel-cake, lady-fingers, replicating handcrafted process solutions on high-scale productions.

PLANETMIXER is a range of vertical, pressurized planetary batch mixers, able to speed up the mixing and the preparation of any kind of hard dough, batter, and cream, available in six different capabilities (from 120 l up to 800 l) to satisfy any production request. Each PLANETMIXER is fully customizable and can be equipped with a full range of options like warming and cooling systems, steam, automatic charging and discharging of ingredients, vacuum, etc.


In addition to the Turbomixer and Planetmixer ranges, Gorreri has designed a new and innovative mixing equipment, studied to chop, rehydrate, and melt cakes and sponge-cake production scraps.

CUTTERMIXER allows the recovery and reuse of 100% of production scraps, helping companies save costs, personnel, and energy and being more sustainable as well.


GORRERI designs and manufactures different solutions for the industrial and semi-industrial production of any kind of cake.

Originally known as a reference company for sponge-cake industrial processing lines, mastering the entire process, from batter preparation to decoration, Gorreri had developed over the years a complete and skilled expertise in the processing of any kind of cake, like cup-cakes, muffins, dosed soft battered cakes, shaped dosed cakes, multi-color dose cakes, birthday cakes, slab cakes, sponge cake based products and spongecake semi-finished products, lady fingers, individual desserts, tiramisù, cheese-cakes, macarons, meringue, pies, and tarts.



One of the fields where Gorreri has developed a matchless expertise in the last 15 years is the industrial process of birthday cakes, which can be sold by producers both fresh or frozen, due to the fact that Gorreri technology allows to build up cakes both with and without the need of rings or moulds.

Each line is able to process, with the need of few operators, up to 1500 cakes/hour fully automatic and can be customized according to customer’s recipes and references with pick and place for cake disks, different dosing systems designed according to cream structure, jam and viscous products dosing devices, masking devices which can mask two cakes in less than 3 secs, lateral and top graining systems for nuts, sprinkles, grain, powders, flakes and chocolate chips, top decorations as rosettes and twisted dallops and robotic systems to write or replicate any kind of image. In addition to fully automatic lines, GORRERI has developed one of the smartest semiautomatic processing solutions, able to produce up to 120 cakes/hour.

MULTIMATIC 300 allows not only to standardize and speed-up production with just one operator but can also be used for many other applications by simply changing tools, like dosing cakes, filling products, and enrobing cakes. All in a reduced space and on wheels. That’s Gorreri idea to optimize customers’ production.

Gorreri Birthday Cakes Lines allow producers to improve quality, standardize final products, improve production and dramatically reduce the number of operators especially if matched and fed in continuous by TURBOMIXER Technology for the preparation of creams and whipped cream.



Industrial and semi-industrial lines for the production of any kind of dosed product, shaped, dual colour, enrobed, decorated, filled, and grained. Gorreri dosed products lines are all powered by Dosatronic Technology, an electronic dosing concept to grant extreme precision and uniformity of each dosage, both for dosing, injecting, and decorating.

It grants endless repeatability of the process cycles even with the stickiest and the most viscous products. Any muffins and dosed products line is furthermore studied to grant precision and ease of use, according to the highest standards for hygienic design.



Thanks to the high precision of Gorreri Dosatronic Technology and the matching with Turbomixer to directly feed hoppers in continuous with the perfect machinable creams, Gorreri, always starting from customer’s needs, has recently introduced on the market complete and fully automatic individual desserts lines, completely customizable and able to produce up to and endowed with plastic cups depanner, pick and place devices for biscuits and spongecake disks, decoration stations to apply jam, icing, chocolate, grains, and powders for top décor, and automatic lid depanner device.


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