Herti aluminum screw caps

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Herti provides aluminum screw caps, and composite closures for different industries such as spirits, wine, non alcoholic beverages, mineral waters and olive oil. Herti can offer a suitable cap for almost any size of bottle. The production plant is located in Pliska, Bulgaria. It is situated on 22 acres own land and 15 000 sq.m. production halls and facilities. Herti constantly invests in new technologies that boost energy efficiency and participates in the collective scheme of Ecopack for recycling. It collects separately the waste from the production cycle and give it to companies specialized in recycling and reports to Ecopack for all quantities. Each year Ecopack issues the certificate that shows the whole quantity of the recycled waste, the energy and water saved through the collective scheme and the reduced CO2 emissions. This year Herti invested in a new cooling system in the production sites with a minimum energy usage and started a project for optimization of the compressed air system.

Investment drives company’s progress and growth. The last 3 years Herti followed a major investment program and different projects for increasing capacity and improving the health and working conditions in the factory. A new warehouse was put into operation at the production site. The building, covering 2 500 sq.m., has four loading platforms. It is equipped with two wrapping machines, a reach truck and forklift trucks. The bar code readers and the software allow easy navigation and quick service. Herti installed new equipment for increasing capacity of 30×60 aluminum screw caps, which gives the company more flexibility to meet customers’ needs for wine closures in terms of quantity and delivery time. Last year Herti introduced two more lines to boost capacity and give more decorating options.Our R&D team works closely with the customers in the development of their products and their brands, creating unique and innovative products. The R&D and quality assurance department puts efforts to organize and to improve all processes connected with developing new products, explore new materials and technologies and implement them in production. Recently we developed a new olive oil pourer for smooth pouring of the liquid and improved the equipment to increase the capacity for producing olive oil closures. This year we launched two new sizes for the spirit sector- 20×12 mm standard closure and 36×52 mm extra long closure. These are aluminum screw caps that enlarge our portfolio. Our R&D department has good traditions and develops very well. The budget has been gradually increased and it will still go up in the next years.

Herti follows the new trends in the industry by continuous investing in new machines and technologies, upgrading the production facilities and improving the production process. Herti has benefited the technological innovations and has achieved lower energy costs and increased capacity.
The vision controls secure highest quality of the end product.

The design became a very important part of the package vision. Clients turn to design options such as hot foil top and side printing and top embossing. Our findings show that clients look for unique and extraordinary individual design of their closures to attract consumers at the shelves. May be this is the biggest trend in the screw cap sector. The innovations in the printing and decorating machines follow the market requirements for unique and extraordinary design, which can distinguish any screw cap.

Herti plans to invest in new machines for lacquering and printing and to use the latest technologies in this field. This will not only improve the speed and increase capacity but also reduce energy, which is our strategic goal. We also think of increasing our capacity for screw caps that go for mineral waters as this is going to be one of the big challenges for the mineral water industry.
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