High quality products, expertise and passion

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Astory of excellence. High quality products, expertise and passion: Macinazione Lendinara tells a story of excellence. This Italian milling company, with more than 80 years of activity, was founded by the Cavallari family in 1937 in Lendinara, a town in the Polesine area between the rivers Adige and Po. Now the company is led by the third generation of the family with Pier Massimo Cavallari, grandson of the founder Antonio and son of Valentino, running the mill.

The mill produces soft wheat flour for companies and bakeries, pizzerias and pastry professionals, with an annual production of about 100 thousand tons of flour. The large storage capacity and the possibility of fractioning different types of finished product ensure high levels of flexibility and customization. Flexibility, efficiency and innovation make Macinazione Lendinara different from the other companies, being able to offer specific solutions to its customers, from the largest companies to wholesalers and bakers, providing them with the best flour in short delivery times also thanks to the automatic packaging on pallets.

Quality comes first

For years the company has been managing the acquisition of grain directly with selected agricultural producers through cultivation contracts. This choice ensures sowing and harvesting that respect natural cultivation techniques and a careful selection of grains.

The constant pursuit of quality and experience has allowed the development of the company from an artisanal business into a modern industrial structure, with a large and qualified activity, and the achievement of the prestigious Food Safety System Certification 22000.

Quality control is a priority, with a protocol that covers the entire production process: constant physical and microbiological analyses of flour and grain samples guarantee compliance with the strictest quality and hygiene standards.

In Italy and abroad.

Macinazione Lendinara is also well-known on the foreign market thanks to the distribution company Mugnai di Napoli srl, operating throughout Europe, England, Australia, Japan, USA and the Emirates. From abroad the company constantly gets positive feedback on the quality of its products and general praise. This is especially true for the Neapolitan pizza flour, which is used during promotional events, often including training and workshops to teach pizza makers how to prepare the best Italian pizza. In Italy, on the other hand, the bakery and confectionery lines are particularly successful.

Due to its specific nature, the plant can reach different markets through a good number of owned vehicles: it serves artisanal bakeries, pastry shops and pizzerias. Thanks to its high levels of technology and its geographical location, the company has commercial relationships with the largest industrial confectionery companies in Northern Italy, being able to carry out an “aging” service in special silos in order to perfectly refine the flour thanks to a large number of cells for the finished product and an extraordinary storage capacity. The automatic packaging, on the other hand, allows wholesalers to be supplied in the areas of Central and Southern Italy.

Anima di Pizza.

Anima di Pizza is the line of professional flours for the ultimate Italian pizza. Whether you like it fragrant or crunchy, tall or thin, rough or delicate, Roman or Neapolitan, Anima di Pizza offers 5 types of flour that are becoming the stars of the wood-fired ovens: Manitoba, for a classic and fragrant pizza, full of aroma; Partenope, for an authentic, fluffy and elastic pizza “with a thick crust” according to Neapolitan tradition; Luna Romana, for a thin and crispy pizza; Gustosa, with a blend of soft wheat and semolina, for a golden, rustic and tasty pizza; and finally Delicata, for a delicate and light pizza

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