Hotmixpro Combi HotmixPRO is the most advanced range of professional solutions for every professional’s kitchen.

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The standout, unique feature of HotmixPRO Combi is its ability to cook and chill in two separated, 100% independent bowls: the left side chills and freezes, from room temperature down to -24° (-11°F); the right side cooks, from +24°C to +190°C (75° 374°F). Of course both sides have perfect, degree-by-degree temperature control, and a powerful 1500W motor, for heavy-duty work. The hot side can reach 12500 rpms, while the cold side reaches 8000rpm (it works at a slower pace to better stand the toughness of some cold preparations).

The interchangeable bowls speed up and facilitate the process of pasteurization. What’s more, you will be able to process two preparations at a time, since the bowls are completely independent.
It has a powerful motor (1500W), capable of very high speeds (up to 12’500 rpm). It can cook up to +190°C (374°F) and cool down to -24°C (-11,2°F), with degree-by-degree temperature control within the same bowl.
Furthermore, since it’s able to reach very low temperatures, it can temper chocolate, pasteurize and stabilize any type of emulsion.

The incredible, unique feature of HotmixPRO Master is its ability to create vacuum in its bowl while working.
It has a powerful motor (1800W), capable of very high speeds (up to 16’000 rpm), and it can cook up to 190°C (374°F) with degree-by-degree temperature control (1°C increments).
The unique feature of HotmixPRO Master is its ability to create vacuum in its bowl while working.

Vacuum cooking or chopping Vacuum lowers boiling temperatures, so taste and colors of your ingredients stay unaltered. Where there’s no air there’s no oxygen, where there’s no oxygen there’s no oxydation. Also, it guarantees a steady, specific weight
and the absence of aerobic bacteria (no air, no aerobic bacteria).
Vacuum reductions lead to the intensification of your recipes’ taste, thanks to the low temperatures. It concentrates the flavors of the ingredients with a process that does not change the colors, and the volatile aromatic components do not get lost.
Vacuum soaking During the creation of the vacuum in the bowl, any air contained in the food will be eliminated as well. Then, thanks to a particular connection, when stabilizing the atmospheric pressure it’s possible to insert a gas or a liquid to soak your product.
What’s more, it comes with a few, revolutionary features, such as the WT function, NEXT, and the programmable recipe memory.
These helpful -and unique– characteristics introduce a new level of comfort in your laboratory: in fact, the operator’s presence is not constantly required anymore. A great number of preparations can be made by simply inserting the ingredients into the bowl, selecting a recipe, and pressing the START button.
Thanks to the programmable memory and the perfect temperature control, HotmixPRO thermal mixers can guarantee constant, standardized, and optimal results.

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