iba 2023: RAPS presents innovative ingredients for the baking industry


Tasty fillings, exciting toppings and functional ingredients for the creation of deliciously diverse bakery products

RAPS, specialist in innovative spice and flavour concepts, presents its extensive new ingredient range for the bakery industry and retail chains, at the iba trade fair in Munich. The focus will not only be on ready-touse fillings and toppings made from high-quality raw materials, but also functional, microencapsulated ingredients for optimised dough and product properties.

Aromatic additions for creative snacks

Savoury fillings and toppings provide a variety of flavour options in ready-to-eat baked snacks. From meat and fish to vegan and vegetarian offerings – RAPS delivers numerous fine-tuned flavour components, all individually adapted to customer requirements. “Hot Jalapeno Cheese” or “Oriental Green Pea Mint” and the popular “Ras el hanout” to name a few, provide innovative new taste experiences.

For a vegan filling, the “Plant-based Mediterranean Tuna” is a great option. In addition, RAPS offers herbs and spices in sprinkle or paste format that can be incorporated into dough to give added flavour and an appealing appearance.

RAPS Coatec – functional ingredients for controlled release

In addition to showcasing flavour boosting ingredients, RAPS will also be showcasing functional inclusions that offer improved product quality, shelf life, handling and processing. The RAPS Coatec process provides functional core materials with a protective layer, shielding them from external influences such as temperature, moisture and oxidation. In addition, the technology enables a controlled release of ingredients.

For example, microencapsulated acids and preservatives improve the shelf life and dough properties of tortillas, flatbreads, sandwich and toast bread, as well as bread rolls and buns. Functional carbonates, enable improved control of the baking process in cakes and muffins. The RAPS portfolio also includes microencapsulated flavours, sugars and salts.

Michael Bosch, Technical Sales Manager for the Bakery Division of RAPS, explains:

“We are delighted to be showcasing our portfolio at iba. The functional ingredients refined with the Coatec process offer solutions to increase product quality and plant efficiency, while reducing the reject rate. At the same time, the baking industry is always looking for innovations that allow for the creation of appealing product ranges for all tastes, from light snacks to exciting new on-the-go lunch options. Here, our creative fillings and toppings are a game changer, enabling a flexible range of product offerings and all of the very highest quality.” Keywords: RAPS, iba23, snacks, ingredients, bakery

For almost a hundred years, RAPS GmbH & Co. KG based in Kulmbach, Germany, has been known as a first-class supplier of high-quality raw materials and a reliable source of innovation, technology and expertise. RAPS delivers both segment- and client-specific services and processes more than 1700 raw materials and ingredients from all over the world. With a total of seven production sites in Europe and more than 900 employees worldwide, RAPS produces in excess of 35,000 tons of different food ingredients and additives each year.

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