ICF & WELKO: colours and fragrances for everyday life


For thousands of years, man has been dedicating himself to the preparation of food, not only to satisfy the taste and the sense of smell, but also to provide a certain aesthetic pleasure to those who receive it.

 All food has always been combined with spices and other organic substances to change its taste, smell and appearance. But not only that, colours and flavours are also used to create perfumes for the body or to make the use of otherwise anonymous substances or products more pleasant.

Colours and flavours in powder form have always been necessary in both the private and industrial circle for the preparation of foods, fragrances and other chemical and non-chemical products that present themselves to our sensory organs.

It is therefore essential for companies to be able to produce these substances in full compliance with the natural features that are intrinsic in the ingredients used, with the aim of giving pleasure to end users.

It is also essential, especially in this sector, to be able to guarantee a production process where there is no contamination that could compromise the quality of flavours or smells.

In the market of Flavours and Colours for the food and chemical industry, I.C.F. & Welko S.p.A. has reached a high level of proven experience over the years and for this reason has been chosen as a partner also by important international companies with production sites in various parts of the world.

Our technological knowledge of the sector enables us to offer our customers both small plants for the production of powders of various flavours or colours in small batches, and large plants for the production of large production batches.

All this is done in full compliance with international environmental and safety standards, and fully meeting the expectations of each individual customer. In this industrial circle, too, customer’s satisfaction and trust are always our first target.


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