Indian packaging demands met by class-leading European technology


Advanced secondary packaging solutions, backed by local service and support proves to be a winning combination

In the food and beverage industry in India, Vedic Pac-Systems has created a reputation for service, supply and delivery of advanced solutions for just about every stage of the production process – from ingredients through processing and onto primary and secondary packaging.

Monoblock loading Unit

Offering solutions from many leading European companies, Vedic can handle the entire installation, commissioning and support process, following machine design and fabrication the supplier.

“In some cases, we also create control and SCADA solutions for customers,” explains Nirav Sampat, Managing Director at Vedic, “based on the unique needs of the Indian market. We also offer complete after-sales support too, stocking critical spares to help our customers maintain 100 % uptime.”

One of Vedic’s suppliers is Italian secondary packaging expert Cama Group. “Secondary packaging is a tough sell in India,” Sampat explains. “Lower labour costs mean that automation is not always seen to be cost efficient. However, when you ask customers about higher throughputs, reduced plant real estate and the quality and repeatability you get from automation, it becomes far easier to justify the investment.”

The snacks market is expanding in the region, as are noodles, bakery and chocolate, all of which are closely coupled to consumer demands and changing trends. These expanding markets need technology that not only has the power and capability to keep pace with growing output, but also the agility to adapt to ever-changing trends.

“Many of our Indian customers are curious about newer technologies and are especially interested in Cama,” Sampat elaborates, “the machines they ship to us are easy to use, easy to learn and match the global standard of many of the leading blue-chip brands.

We have seen some major successes with Cama technology, including a noodle packaging machine that broke the speed record for both Cama and our customer. I can almost guarantee a semiautomatic secondary packaging process would not come anywhere close this level of performance and accuracy!”

As the Indian food and beverage industry and its supply chains evolve, new possibilities open up for wider deployment of particular products. Like other global markets, as these become established, new technologies are required to cater for rising demand and customer choices.

Vedic Pac-Systems is a supplier of advanced technologies from leading industry suppliers and covers the entire food value chain. With secondary packaging becoming a more important (and higher-capacity process) its established relationship with the Cama Group will bring many operational benefits to its Indian customer base.

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