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Camozzi Spa realizes solutions for industrial automation for more than 50 years and has grown throughout the years up to becoming one of the main international companies operating in the sector of pneumatic components for industrial automation. Total quality of products, efficient production processes, flexibility and continuous research in technology are the pillars on which the company is based and which are declined in terms of miniaturization, energy efficiency, plug&play solutions and mechatronic devices that are able to operate in the context of Industry 4.0.

The strategy of Camozzi is based on the development of sector-specific expertise along with a multi-technological approach integrating pneumatics, electrical actuation and proportional technology. Camozzi is a leading multi-technological supplier of industrial automation, starting with the conviction that in automated systems there is no driving technology that is absolutely better than another, but each application has different requirements that can be satisfied thanks to the use of a specific technology which can be pneumatic, proportional or electric.
In order to complete its offerring, Camozzi created C_Electrics; a new division dedicated to the development of electric actuation, proposing solutions that include electromechanical cylinders and axes with auxiliary motors, drivers and accessory components, combined in configurable systems in order to guarantee maximum flexibility to the user.

As a result of the work of this Division we can name the Series 6E electromechanical cylinders, the Series 5E electromechanical axes, the Series MTS brushless motors, the Series MTB stepper motors and respective drivers with the newest DRCS driver, especially studied for stepper motors. Using the microstepping technology (up to 1/128 step) it is possible to considerably reduce the natural resonance of the motor. Moreover, eight input modalities are available that allow to realize a table of 256 commands, for each of which it is possible to set position, speed, acceleration and deceleration. The Series DRCS drivers are equipped with a CANopen serial protocol through which you can run commands for motion control and monitoring of the driver’s state. The operation can be configured wireless or through a USB cable, according to the Bluetooth standard (BL-BLE). Part of the C_Electrics range is also the Series 6E which is a mechanical actuator with rod in compliance with standard ISO15552, among which the new versions with protection class IP65 can be found, suitable to be used also in dusty environments or in presence of strong water jets. The wide range available, their high precision and easy assembly make the Series 6E the ideal solution for the most diverse applications, in which control of position and/or of dynamic movement is required, like for example Pick & Place, sorting, palletizing, tensioning, pressing and lifting.

To make the transition from pneumatic to electromechanic actuation easier, Camozzi has developed QSET, a software that allows to easily configure the motor system and the electomechanic actuator. QSET interfaces with the Camozzi drivers and enables to program these very easily, without necessarily knowing complex parameters and options that would increase set-up times, at the expense of other activities with a high added value. The development phase of the man-machine interface has been the subject of a dedicated research: the aim is to have an intuitive program that is easy to use, in order to considerably reduce the configuration times through simple and quick guided choices.

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