INOX MECCANICA: Innovation and Tradition Serving the Food Industry


During the 2024 edition of Anuga FoodTec, the German event dedicated to food industry technologies, we had the opportunity to interview Pietro Donegà, Sales Manager of Inox Meccanica.

Since 1983, Inox Meccanica has been designing and manufacturing machinery for automation in the processing and packaging of meats and cured meats, as well as systems for washing and sanitizing equipment and food.

Pietro, could you tell us about the solution that Inox Meccanica presented at Anuga FoodTec?

Inox Meccanica introduces an evolution of the PIC99B clipping and pressing machine. This machine, proudly launched on the market in 1999, has been developed to meet the growing market demands, which require increasingly longer products, high production performance, and integration into automatic systems for the food industry.

Interview conducted
at Anuga Food Tec

A machine in line with Italian tradition and the needs of industry sectors. What products are handled by this line?

The line is specifically designed for whole muscles, following the traditions of the Italian market. It mainly deals with products such as coppa, pancetta, bresaola, and other boneless raw products, which need to be stuffed into casing or casing and netting for hanging during the seasoning phase.

Could you provide some details about the technical characteristics of this line?

Especially from the perspective of technological innovation and sustainability. We are adopting an increasingly electric approach, abandoning the traditional use of pneumatics. This allows us to ensure greater performance and consistency in work, meeting the needs of our customers who are primarily seeking regularity in production processes.

What materials are used for stuffing?

The materials used for stuffing include synthetic casings and nets, such as plastic casings, culici, collagen casings, and calibrated elastic nets. Furthermore, with the ability to produce 90% of the machine internally, we can adapt our production to the specific requests of customers.

How much does export impact Inox Meccanica’s activities?

Currently, exports represent approximately 30-40% of our activities, but we aim to reverse this proportion in the short term. We want to take our products and our Italian identity beyond national borders, adapting to the needs of foreign markets.

An especially interesting Anuga FoodTec for Inox Meccanica.

Yes, at Anuga FoodTec, enthusiasm and interest in the solutions we offer to the industries continued to grow. With a wide and diversified range of products, we are ready to meet the needs of an increasingly demanding and global clientele.

Inox Meccanica’s presence at Anuga FoodTec exemplifies the company’s commitment to integrating innovation and tradition in serving the food industry. With growing enthusiasm for their solutions, they stand prepared to meet the evolving demands of their global clientele with their diverse range of products.

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