Integrated processing and packaging solutions for the MEAT INDUSTRY


MULTIVAC will be exhibiting its wide range of innovative processing and packaging solutions at this year’s IFFA in Frankfurt. The focus will be on integrated lines, which enable meat products and alternative proteins to be processed and packaged cost-effectively and sustainably. Other highlights will be a presentation of the company’s digital products, as well as its services in the areas of packaging consultancy and after-sales care.

Some of the lines to be shown at the trade fair will be networked, so that they can be used with the digital MULTIVAC Smart Services, as well as being completely controlled from one point via MULTIVAC Line Control.

Packaging of burgers

Among the exhibits will be a space saving, high-output line for the automatic converging, infeeding, packaging and labelling of frozen burgers on a cardboard tray in a flowpack.

The flow packing solution is particularly suitable for quick product changes, and one of its many features is its cost-effectiveness at high output.

The use of very thin films and the absence of process-related film trim also contribute to the sustainability of this solution.

Processing and packaging of sliced products

A high-output line with slicer and thermoforming packaging machine will also be presented as an example of the automatic slicing, infeeding, packaging and labelling of sliced vegan products. Due to the complete integration of many modules into the packaging machine, the line offers the facility for optimizing the space requirement.

Thanks to the use of the spray system known as MULTIVAC Sustainable Liquid Interleaving, it is not necessary to have paper or film as interleaves. The thermoforming packaging machine also enables the optimum packaging material consumption to be achieved.

Processing and packaging of fresh meat

A compact and highly flexible portioning line for fresh meat retail packs can also be seen at the trade fair, and this line features the automatic portioning, infeeding and packaging of the product. This inline solution includes a traysealer in the medium-output category.

The new and compact portioning machine, which was specially developed for the entry-level sector, ensures that the best portioning quality and optimum yield are achieved for the product. Sustainable packaging materials, such as mono films or MULTIVAC PaperBoard, can be used on the tray sealer.

Processing and packaging of poultry in MAP

A highly flexible portioning line for the automatic portioning, in feeding, packaging and labelling of poultry will also be shown. The proven portioning machine ensures that the best portioning quality and optimum yield are achieved for the product. Sustainable packaging materials, such as mono films, can be used on the consistently high-output tray-sealer.

Packaging of meat in catering packs

A thermoforming packaging machine will be shown as an example of the packaging of meat products in bulk packs. Here a new machine type will be used, which offers an outstanding price-to-performance ratio. The packs are printed on the upper web with best-before date and batch number by means of a direct web printer.

Packaging of portioned products in film pouches

When it comes to packaging food products in film pouches, a chamber belt machine will be shown with a new semi-automatic loading solution, which enables cost savings of up to 40 percent to be achieved compared with manual loading.

Packaging of ready meals in cardboard trays

Here a thermoforming packaging machine in the medium-output range will be used for producing sustainable ready meal packs.

After the packs have been sealed, they are printed with variable data by a direct web printer, and the print image is then checked by means of an inspection system. The use of MULTIVAC PaperBoard contributes to the sustainability of the packs and differentiating them at the point of sale.

Thermoforming packaging line for food services

As regards the food services sector, a compact thermoforming packaging machine in the entrylevel range will be shown, which includes a filler and produces flexible vacuum packs for goulash or soups.

The line is aimed at small to medium sized companies, which are expanding and looking to increase their capacity, while at the same time focusing on reduced personnel costs.

Full wrap labelling with weigh price marking

At IFFA MULTIVAC will also be presenting a new conveyor belt labellers, which not only provides attractive full wrap labelling of packs, but now also enables weigh price marking to be performed in one process on the same machine.

The labelling system features a very precise level of calibrated weight measurement, and it can be used as a stand-alone solution or in automated lines.

Modernization of existing machines

And last but not least, the specialist packaging company will be presenting its MULTIVAC Retrofit modernization service, using a thermoforming packaging machine from a previous generation, which has been converted to the current technology and equipped with additional functions to meet the tasks and market demands of today. This means that the service life of an existing machine can be extended and its efficiency increased.

Live demonstration: Portioning and slicing solutions

By visiting a tent in the outside grounds, customers will be able to convince themselves of the benefits of the new TVI portioning machine, which was designed primarily for medium-sized butcher’s shops, industrial-scale meat processors with smaller lines, and wholesale suppliers. In addition to this, a MULTIVAC slicer for processed meat products and alternative proteins will also be shown in live operation.


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