Italian excellence in industrial packaging


Clevertech Spa, a family-run company founded in 1987, has charted remarkable growth in the industrial landscape, currently boasting a turnover exceeding 140 million euros and a workforce of approximately 400 employees spread across various global locations.

Since its inception, Clevertech has excelled in the design and supply of systems primarily for the cans & ends making sector, specializing in the production of rigid packaging used in packaging lines.

Over the years, the company has significantly expanded its technological research, extending its expertise to the handling of flexible materials such as pouches and squeezable packaging.

With profound knowledge in primary packaging manipulation, Clevertech now covers three crucial phases of the packaging line.

From the initial feeding of products, through the heart of the line where primary packaging undergoes thermal treatment in autoclaves, to the final stage of palletizing the finished product. The company has demonstrated a consistent commitment to innovation, as evidenced by the patented “Hybrid sweep off” technology.

This hybrid system, combining mechanical components with low vacuum pressure, allows remarkable speeds, positive product control, and increased loading capacity while avoiding unwanted accumulations.

Clevertech does not limit itself to standard palletization but offers tailored solutions for a wide range of products and speeds. From traditional cartons to new types of packaging, palletization occurs efficiently, reaching eleven layers per minute.

Responding to customers’ logistical needs, Clevertech has developed advanced solutions such as the palletizer that handles different products for each layer and the Tetris palletizer, capable of palletizing up to 25 different products on the same pallet.

Clevertech’s global presence, with headquarters in Italy (main office), America, China, and India, is a strategic advantage. This decentralization allows the group to offer optimized time and cost-to-market for the end user while maintaining consistent engineering standards, components, sensors, and PLCs worldwide.

In conclusion, Clevertech Spa stands as a pillar in the industrial packaging industry, an example of Italian excellence that continues to innovate and meet the dynamic needs of the global market.

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