Labelpack®, each label, a new story

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LABELPACK® extensive product range includes LABELX® la­bellers, equipped with highly efficient hybrid step-motors and opera­tor interface to apply labels up to 140- 250-350 mm width. For high-speed applications, there is series LABELX® RM equipped with double motors, with speed up to 80m/min and frequency up to 900p/min.
The range of LABELX® solutions also includes LABELX® JR, the automatic labelling machines for industrial applications at the best price/quality ratio. Any labeller of this series is built to be integrated with a thermal-transfer print unit or tradition­al hot-foil coding units. Moreover, the range also includes a comprehensive range of easily customizable pneu­matic applicators. X-STICKER is the innovative “low-cost” labeller designed by LABELPACK that revolutionizes the building concepts of a labeller com­bining simple construction, excellent design, user-friendliness, with a defi­nitely interesting price.

LABELX® and LABELX® JR are the core of MODULAR and COMPACT integrated labelling systems, studied to meet labelling re­quirements with ergonomic, reliable and user-friendly solutions. MODU­LAR systems feature an “open frame” structure in stainless steel, in which LABELX® labelling units are integrated to apply labels on the top and bottom sides of the trays that contain the products. The system features elec­tric control board with PLC and touch screen operator panel, electronic syn­chronization of all the speeds and fast regulation with numerical indicators to facilitate the change of format.
The MODULAR systems can integrate vari­ous product transport systems built upon size, weight and shape of the container to be labelled.

These sys­tems are assembled in a “balcony” structure for easy cleaning of the area under the machine and to avoid that possible leakage of liquids or prod­ucts would reach parts difficult to be cleaned and sanitized. These systems’ intrinsic modularity has enabled tack­ing labelling projects in any industrial sector, in particular, the company de­signed, built and personalized systems for the food, cosmetic, chemical and pharmaceutical sectors.
COMPACT is LABELPACK series of automatic entry level labelling systems consisting in 8 standard models and countless per­sonalized solutions. COMPACT systems are equipped with LABELX JR 140 ER labelling units, but they can also be in­tegrated with more advanced models depending on application speed and label size. Transport modules can be personalized upon the requirements of the production line.

For product and package identification, LABELPACK proposes its reliable PandA print & ap­ply units which stand out as the best solution for end-of-line identification. PandA is a print & apply unit consist­ing of a basic module to integrate all Honwywell, Zebra, Sato, Avery, Carl Valentin and Cab thermal-application modules.
The print modules can print small-size variable data, top-quality 1D and 2D bar code, data entry eas­ily controlled by BarTender software that enables creating and storing various labels and integrate them with the data provided by management systems, weighing systems and other automation operations.
The electronic management of PandA® print & apply system is operated by a PLC with touch screen operator interface. Thanks to the extensive range of applicators already available, PandA can be eas­ily integrated in process, packaging, packing and automatic palletization automation, and it also enables apply­ing labels in one or more product size.

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