Lauretana the lightest aater in Europe

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Premium brand on the Food&Beverage international panorama , Lauretana is the lightest water in Europe, thanks to its 14 mg/liter of fixed residue.

A real gift from the alpine nature, Lauretana water originates from the hydrogeological area of Monte Rosa glacier and it springs from a source in an unpolluted place at more than 1000 meters high.

Its purity is maintained thanks to the bottling near the source.
The Firm from Biella, based in Graglia, has been producing mineral water for more than half a century, it has always been oriented towards the quality of the product and its customers’ satisfaction. Lauretana has established a relation of confidence and loyalty with its customers, thanks to the punctual and transparent communication of the characteristics of the product and the business values. The excellence and uniqueness of Lauretana make it the ideal water for children, athletes, food lovers and all those who daily choose well-being in their life.

The pleasure of drinking Lauretana is a worldwide privilege, in the elegant bottle signed Pininfarina it is available in the best restaurants throughout the world.
In the 75cl and 33cl packaging it has revolutionized the premium segment of food&beverage inspiring other brands in the sector.

Preferred by the best chefs and restaurateurs, Lauretana is the perfect water for gourmet choices or traditional dishes, since it respects the original fullness of the flavors, without influencing their taste. Thanks to its 6.3 pH it favors the digestive process.

Lauretana, the lightest water in Europe, with its very low content of sodium, only 1.0 mg/l and 0,55° f of hardness, stimulates diuresis, increases hydration and prevents the development of kidney stones.

Excellence of Made in Italy, Lauretana places itself as a premium brand in the most important exhibitions, national and international, dedicated to Food&Beverage, Fitness&Wellness, art, medicine, lifestyle. A 360° commitment because Lauretana is much more than a water: it is an experience to live.

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