LAWER excellence in dispensing systems


Lawer means assurance of accuracy, repeatability, traceability, security, efficiency, saving and knowhow protection. Lawer supplies the industry with products, solutions and services to increase the reliability, safety and efficiency of dosing and dispensing operations for powders and liquids micro-ingredients.

Lawer covers a market position in which it is leader as global product and solution provider and it sets strong and high standards in all areas of its business. That is reflected in the company motto: “the true accuracy”.

Lawer has more than 50 years’ experience in supporting the industry to ensure the highest quality of the products. Its ability to do so is based on the “Italian quality” of its products and services combined with continuous investment in developing leading technology. As a result, more than 2,500 customers put their trust in this company having allowed it to supply them with thousands of systems and solutions during its long history.

 Via a world-wide presence, Lawer stands beside its customers around the globe and through the whole life cycle of its products, from the assistance with selecting the right equipment, design-in support, installation and after-sales service.

Lawer is a global automatic dosing and dispensing systems manufacturer based in Biella area, providing products for various industries as textile, cosmetics, painting/coating, food, plastic and rubber.

Lawer strongly invests in quality and excellence, service, engineering support, after-sales service, assistance and innovation, and it encourages and facilitates a company culture of systematic and sustainable creativity and innovation.

Lawer provides automatic powder dosing systems with single scale technology, double scale technology and multi scale technology to organize production in an innovative way by automatically weighing the powder micro-ingredient components of recipes and batches in different processes of the food preparation industry.

For applications in small-medium size laboratory, Lawer offers different models of UNICA systems:

UNICA TWIN – 100 l capacity silos /single or double scale /12-24 or 36 silos.

UNICA HD – 50 l capacity silos /single scale /8-16 or 24 silos.

UNICA MD– SD – 18-36 / 12-24 l capacity silos single scale/13 silos. For application in industrial production, Lawer provides systems with high productivity and efficiency.

SUPERUNICA fully automatic weighing system / silos capacities (300, 150, 100 and 50 l) / single scale technology. SUPERSINCRO automatic dosing operations in automatic thermoformed bags consisting of tubular films/multi scale technology.

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