MACHINES and PLANTS for food industry SINCE 1976


Fava Giorgio Axel designs, develops and builds machines and plants for food industry since 1976. Clients’ needs are analyzed to create functional and customized machines that are suitable for the space, the logistics and the structure of customers’ factory and that satisfy customers’ requests. Safety, sanitation, ergonomics, energy saving are essential in all Fava Giorgio Axel projects.

Fava Giorgio Axel internationally patented an original system called LEGOSTAMPO to rationally produce cooked products, whole or in bars to be sliced. It fits all needs and production technologies, from molding to de-molding, including the new water cooking and cooling plants and the packaging and pasteurization lines.

The LEGOSTAMPO SYSTEM is flexible, versatile, ergonomic, and efficient and permits to reach slicing yields unattainable with other systems. It uses only stainless steel molds that can be handled even singularly. The molds are made on customers’ needs and they can be stocked both in piles and on trolleys. The plant can be used for traditional products, for under vacuum cooking, both steam or water, for no weight loss and for weight loss till 18%.

Fava Giorgio Axel also produces machines for moving hung products as salamis, bacon and ham. The loading and unloading technology TFRC, patent protected, is really flexible and, above all, it needs very small space, it’s the most contained system all over the world without losing the loading capacity.

The loading machines can be fed by BARS LOADERS, both automatic and semi-automatic, with hung products and they can feed, even with single loads, the peeling, the slicing and/or the under-vacuum packaging lines.

The project of Fava Giorgio Axel kebab skewering machines arises from the need to have machines easy to clean, that can be used with different products, can change with the different production needs, not bulky, not noisy and inexpensive. The machine makes different types of kebabs and it has a productivity that can vary from 1800 to 7200 kebabs per hour, depending on the model, on the operators’ number and on the complexity of the product to realize.

It can use sticks having different diameter and length, with or without protruding tip and it can also have a pre-piercing unit for more compact and resistant products. It’s made of stainless steel and plastic material for food contact. It has electro-pneumatic working and control, a brush-less motor for the maximum precision and speed. A PLC, inside a stainless steel box, manages the machine that can also have a router for remote maintenance and control.

Fava Giorgio Axel Kebab skewering machine is extremely reliable and easy to service as well as easy to clean. The operator panel is simple and intuitive, it permits to adjust the production frequency on the machine dimensions and on the kebabs complexity.

The structure is modular, in a way to increase the number of operators that load the products molds to make the kebabs, so that the machines can grow together with the customers production needs. The custom made molds are easy to pull out, for a simple sanitation with suitable washers, consequently easy to substitute to produce kebabs with different number of pieces, with different shapes and different lengths. The sanitation is simple not only for the detachable molds, but also for all the machine with special attention to the molds conveyor belt.

The machine can be equipped with many optional as the finished kebabs receiving belt, the automatic kebabs insertion device in preformed trays to be thermo-sealed and the molds conveyor belt inner side washing device.

Fava Giorgio Axel production range includes a pneumatic model named SPDP and modular, electronic models called SPDE. This year latest product is the SPDE-ERA device (that has to be connected to SPDE machine) to orderly pull the kebabs out and to put them automatically inside plastic or polystyrene trays or directly in one-way thermoforming machine trays.


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